Why ThemeINDIA is Best Interior Decoration in Kolkata?

People consider themeIndia for complete interior solutions as they have completed one of my Friends Office. They are the best in Kolkata. Before hiring them, we checked their work, then only we figured out whether they are perfect to design the office or home. For most decorators, their own homes serve as design laboratories, spaces reserved for unbridled creative notions to run free. Such was the case when an employee of themeIndia tackled his personal house in Kolkata. He took his lead from the residence’s lineage dating back to 2019 “Throughout the renovation work, I tried to keep the historic character of the home in mind, adding ceiling medallions, antique door handles, and some classic touches.” All of these details are on display in the gallery-like living room.

Best Interior Decoration in Kolkata

Designer-head says colours, what are makes a room come alive. He explains the soft gradation from blue-greys to ivory-beige of the painted walls progressing throughout the apartment. “With a punch of bitter chocolate in the study,” He adds. “Colours are an essential part of my vocabulary as a designer. There aren’t any colours I hate, however, there are some I especially love—porcelain blue, pistachio, off-beiges, pearlized greys —I call them ‘shadow’ colours because they change with the light of the day.”


Creativity and good environments were the two basic qualities that we were looking for in an interior designer and also pocket friendly. When it comes to designing your place you should never compromise with the quality. Then themeIndia came across as the best solution for designing and decoration.

The team of experienced designers of themeIndia gave excellent creativity and innovation, which gives the workplace more life and happy surrounding. Many people satisfied with their services and recommended the best interior decoration in Kolkata.

People loved their work a lot, you can choose one with your wish and budget and get the work done.


In case you want help, we ThemeINDIA promises to always be with you, providing you the exact decor you need. It also promises you to give full satisfaction through our work and creating the exact environment you need in your home. Visit our Facebook page.

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