Suspended ceiling

Why Suspended ceiling models are best for a lavish lifestyle!

Suspended ceilings are one of the most stylish decoration details preferred in different areas of our house such as the living room, living room, corridor, kitchen, and bathroom. Even the most classic and simple room decoration can make quite different from modern suspended ceiling models. Suspended ceilings, which use made only with plasterboard in the past, and therefore have very limited possibilities and models, can now make with a wide variety of materials and equipment.

Hall suspended ceiling models

Suspended ceiling

With the variety of equipment and materials used in this kind of ceilings, both the number of models increased and their prices became more economical. Nowadays, it is easier to find a different model of the suspended ceiling for everyone who wants to make changes in home decoration. There are so many beautiful and modern this kind of ceiling designs that you will have a hard time choosing.

Modern suspended ceiling models

Suspended ceiling

Which style for which room?

Living room suspended ceiling models

drawing room design

nowadays in bedrooms mainly use wooden and plaster suspended ceilings. Other materials not so demanding. Wood is the most natural and healthiest material. With the positive energy it radiates, it is mostly liked as a bedroom ceiling model. You can see various wooden styles among our examples that we researched for you in our gallery. You can also examine how these ceiling models harmonized with the items in the room. The plaster used again for the living room and hall. However, steel and other ceiling materials can also be used for this area. Living room decoration in minimal light colors can complement the plaster ceiling designs in light colors such as white. For this type of hall, you can also choose suspended ceilings equipped with a lighting system.

Suspend ceilings commercial

Hallway suspended ceiling models

Classic suspended ceilings consist of a new floor or rather a layer made on the ceiling rather than clad ceilings. The lighting system of any style can lay on these layers. Although ceiling lighting is not a highly recommended lighting style in living rooms or salons, you can use this type of lighting in kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchen suspended ceiling models

Suspended ceiling hall

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