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What is Scandinavian Style Home Decoration?

Home decoration in Scandinavian style is one of the many decorative styles in today’s time. It is created with the combination of simple, and striking features. Its general feature is neutral colors, natural materials and elements of the earth. The Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, are the homeland to this current style. The decorating culture, lifestyle, and genius philosophy spreads all over the world with IKEA in these countries. Speaking of Ikea, Crаіg Rіtсhе, #ThemeINDIA, Emotion Interior- a Scandinavian style was beautifully described by one of the Ikea’s designer architect with only 3 words; “Usefulness, simplicity, and beauty.”

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style Application Details and Tips

  • Scandinavian’s most basic color palette style consists of various light shades of simple-familiar colors without any exaggeration.
  • White is the most preferred color among all and is mainly used in furniture and decorative objects.
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  • Another commonly used colors are the different shades of gray. It is especially preferred in seat coatings and other furniture designs. Besides, gray is also used in carpets and rugs.


  • White color is mostly preferred since its able to reflect the daylight which adds an extra brightness to its environment.

  • In the Scandinavian style, there is no room for long, wide, large, and even wall-to-wall carpets. Instead small rugs and runners are preferred more often.
  • Scandinavian designs contain a lot of wood material. Products are designed using all kinds of woods such as pine, beech, ash, and birch. Whether its the floor, wall, cabinets or the even toys ,application of wood is in abundance.


  • Pine, beech, ash, and birch trees are preferred in designs because they are easy to process, light in structure, waterway texture and its beautiful colour.

  • Another obvious detail of this style is its smooth and sharp lines. This approach distinguishes the Scandinavian style from many other organization.


  •  Houses in the Scandinavian countries were built to increase the ambient temperature. This kind of situation has affected the design, its sense of decoration and application of items. Therefore usage of items is significantly less than others.

  • In today’s conditions ,our houses and flats are built more spaciously and higher than most Scandinavian houses. Although this allows for more items to be used but it can lead to a clumsy surrounding. The idea of ​​scattered and a clutter free place is another important detail and feature of the Scandinavian designs.
  • While constructing the decoration, large and small objects used for decoration are kept simple and minimum.
Scandinavian Style


  •  A delicate flower bouquet that you will put in a small, narrow, long, colorless glass jar can tell you more than just huge flowers and plants. By using a simple and familiar wicker basket, you can keep the items together at hand. You can also position them on a console or a coffee table and efficiently utilize them.

  • In Scandinavian-style decorations , blankets, large, wide, and soft pillows and throw pillows that are heated on one floor rather than pillows, cushions, and blankets are used.

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