Ways to Create a Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen

Farmhouse inspired Kitchen acts as the central hub of the home. However, a true kitchen should be full of ingredients and equipment to create a wide variety of meals. This doesn’t mean that they’re clutter. Creative storage solutions provide a unique means by which to display and store your favorite kitchenware.

There are many ways to devise a farmhouse theme that can work in any kitchen. No matter how big or small. Whilst some choices can also help to bring a touch of modernity to this traditional, rustic style. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of a warm, homely, and attractive farmhouse inspired kitchen.

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Colour Scheme and Finish in Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen


One of the most appealing elements of a farmhouse kitchen is its lack of uniformity; you can choose almost any color scheme that works best for you and your space. Whilst still maintaining a traditional farmhouse style. The light should be encouraged to flow throughout the room as much as possible. However, so many people choose cream or alabaster for their cupboards and units. This can make the room feel much more open than it may actually be.

If you already have a large, open space with lots of natural light, a darker shade of sage or light grey also works well. Thus by adding depth to the room without overwhelming it.

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Wood is the obvious choice of material for the finish; natural, rustic, and traditional, there’s nothing better for a farmhouse kitchen. Some choose a uniform finish of the same wood throughout, usually timber for the cupboards and units, with oak or beech for the worktops.

Others choose to create a division across the kitchen by using a different wood in a dedicated area – a walnut butcher’s block works particularly well for this effect, to assign one space in the kitchen strictly for food preparation.

Units and Workspaces


The style of units is key when creating a farmhouse aesthetic, as any style too modern will clash against the more traditional features. Cupboard and drawer handles are a must, with knobs, bow handles, and cup handles being the designs that best fit with the farmhouse theme.

The style of cupboard and drawer door is essential for maintaining the theme too; shaker, bedboard, and inset are the best choices for accomplishing this. Glass-fronted doors on some of the cupboards, including both frosted and clear panes, also fit well with the theme and will make the room feel larger.

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For those with a large, open kitchen, an island is a must. This space can be used to cook, socialize and eat, making it the perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen.

The style and finish of the island should be in line with the rest of the kitchen, but, to make a statement, consider choosing a different color for your island from the rest of the room – aubergine works particularly well against gullwing grey.

Sinks and Taps in Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen

There is only one option when it comes to farmhouse kitchen sinks, and that’s ceramic. Traditional and hardwearing, a deep ceramic sink coupled with a similarly-styled draining board is the perfect addition to the farmhouse theme.

Fortuna or Talos tap works well with ceramic sinks, and the style fits perfectly with the traditionalism of farmhouse design. A pull-out tap is also a stylish and practical addition, especially for those kitchens that see lots of daily cooking action, as they make washing up a breeze.

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Storage is essential for kitchens of all sizes, but we’re a modern, minimalist kitchen may look to hide away the majority of the utensils and appliances, a farmhouse kitchen proudly displays them, whilst maintaining an uncluttered workspace.

The traditional larder has stormed back into fashion, and while fridges and freezers have modernized food storage, the larder is still a must for any farmhouse design. Wren Kitchens’ range is suitable for all spaces, so whether you need something compact or heavy-duty, a larder can transform the cooking space of the kitchen.

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The original farmhouse kitchen would have featured a wood-burning oven, a larder, and maybe a sink. Never fear, though – you don’t need to sacrifice modern amenities to still enjoy a traditionally-designed kitchen.

Modern cookers are often slotted into the background of the kitchen, hidden with the design. The farmhouse kitchen, however, should aim to make the cooker a focal point; a range cooker being the perfect addition.

These cookers are available in a variety of sizes, with 6-8 hobs and double or triple doors being the optimal choice for this type of kitchen.

Fridges and freezers are an essential part of modern food storage, and shouldn’t be neglected in the farmhouse kitchen. A double-door American-style fridge freezer is a popular choice, whereas others may wish to have a built-in fridge, to help hide the modern appliance from the overall aesthetic of the room.

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These are some of the ways by which you can create a Farmhouse inspired Kitchen in your own home.

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