Way to Create a Nautical Decor in Bathroom

Nautical home decor is extremely popular at beach houses on the sea, and oftentimes. We wonder how we can enjoy this wonderful style without having to live by the shore. But here’s a pro tip: instead of moving closer to the ocean, why not do it the other way around and bring it closer to you?. Just by making changes in your bathroom decor.

There are tons of ways to introduce a unique and relaxing nautical style into your home. It can be starting with one room and then moving to another.

However, In this blog post. We’ll show you how to incorporate some items to turn your Bath space into a seaside spa for rejuvenation and relaxation

 Clock in Bathroom

Time is a strong element in nautical décor, and a clock is a must-have in the bathroom. Made of solid acacia wood, a classic ship wheel clock like the Deluxe Nautical Ship Wheel with Captain’s Clock makes a great addition to any nautical decor bathroom.

 Cabinet Knobs in Bathroom

Bathrooms are never without cabinets for convenient storage. Add a nautical feel to your bathroom by leveraging your cabinet knobs. Specialty cabinet knobs add fun and whimsy to any room. Mix and match shells and dolphins to come up with your own creative flair. Check out the Leaping Dolphin Cabinet Knobs for some inspiration.

Candle Holders

Candles bring a certain charm to and coziness to any bathroom. Choose sea scents and cool colors, such as blue, beige, and cream, to add to the ambiance. A nautical candle holder will be the perfect receptacle for a sea-themed candle.

For a rustic or distressed look, we recommend the Sea Green Recycled Metal Lantern (right) and the Set of 2 Decorative Wooden Boats.

Wall Decor in Bathroom

There are many great decorations for a nautical themed seaside bathroom. If you have a passion for art, the Beached Sailboat Oil Painting will be perfect for your wall.

Towel Hooks


Towel hooks are a must for any space to keep your towels clean and dry. Add a little character to your hooks, such as an octopus or a shell. The perfect balance between elegant and whimsical, the Antique White Metal Octopus Coat Rack will provide you with a convenient spot to hang your towels and other bathroom necessities. Some decorative hooks can be mounted directly to your wall, while others sit on a frame.



What would a bathroom be without a mirror? Create the feeling of actually being on a ship with a nautical mirror, and have your guests reflect about getting into the nautical style themselves with the Metal and Rope Mirror.



Every bathroom could use more storage. Choose a cabinet that has a nautical theme, such as a cabinet with a porthole, or a cabinet made to look like a rowboat. Classic furniture can also add sophistication and elegance to your nautical decor bathroom.

Shower Curtain in Bathroom


Choose a shower curtain with prints of shells or dolphins. If you can’t find a nautical themed shower curtain, use a plain white curtain, and hang a decorative fish net over the outside of the curtain to create a unique nautical style.

Bath Mats


Choose a light-colored or beige bath mat to mimic the color of sand. You’ll feel as though you are stepping out of the sea when you step out of your shower! Check out the fun and lightweight Beach Umbrella Natural Rug to get an idea.

Lights in Bathroom


Good lighting in a bathroom is just as important as a great mirror. Mountable Oval Bulkhead Lamp Fixtures(left) would be a perfect substitute for boring vanity lights, while the Deluxe Port and Starboard Electric Lantern Set(right) makes a great addition to a bathroom counter when you want just a little bit of light, or a nightlight perhaps.

Shell decor


Nothing says seaside quite like shells! A seashell garland would be a beautiful addition to a side wall or under your vanity lighting. Candle holders such as the Small Clamrose Shell Candle Holder can also double as a planter for your favorite tiny succulents. But if you prefer more simple measures, adding loose shells to your nautical decor bathroom counter will also do the trick

Lighthouses in Bathroom

Lighthouses are a wonderful way to add some seaside or nautical charm to any room in your house. You can hang a picture of a lighthouse on your bathroom wall to utilize their charm or showcase your personality with a Personalized Lighthouse Wall Sign. With all the nautical features to add character to your bathroom, this wall sign can be made uniquely yours with personalization.

These are some of the creative ideas to make your bathroom Nautical by adding some decor to it.

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