Wardrobe Designing at ThemeINDIA

All of the services and interiors designed and developed by ThemeINDIA are built with best-in-class products and materials. A wardrobe is also no exception to it. Thus, it is crafted with the best grade raw materials and qualitative elements. The wardrobe designed at ThemeINDIA is equipped with the right combinations of fixtures, components, and elements according to the specifications of your budget as well as requirements.

Wardrobe Doors

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With an exclusively designed outlook of the body, doors are just more than to open. Every inch of the door of the wardrobes designed at ThemeINDIA is firmly affixed to the framework. It also embraces and possesses impressive strength.

Hardware Accessories

All the hinges and elements of your wardrobe are fixed with utmost intelligence and skills to let the design of the wardrobe, as well as the outlook of the hardware accessories, complement each other. Therefore, with best-in-class coating and qualitative products, we only get the best for you from the biggest brands.

Internal Modules

Wardrobes at ThemeINDIA can range in the terms of quality, outlook, space, shelves, and clothe rails. It can be added with some specialized additional lockers and chambers. With all of these in place, ThemeINDIA also offers a variety of combinations with each of the offerings bringing out the best design for your requirement and the interior space. The spaces are very flexible and agile to be designed and redesigned according to the preferences of our customers and hence we let you be the best judge of our service for you.

Men’s Wardrobe

Business Professional Men's walk in closet: Modern Office Style Guide (2021)

From the neat ones to the clumsy ones, we’ve got a perfect wardrobe design for everyone. All your clothes in the perfect place, some hanging and the others in the drawers, our men’s module takes complete care of your requirements and we design a solution tailored according to your needs with every aspect of yours in mind.

Women’s Wardrobe

How to Stock Your Wardrobe to Dress for All Occasions (For Men & Women) -  Durian

Combinations of shelves and hangers for the combinations of the clothes, every design for the women’s wardrobe is as beautiful as you. With some striking features and very spacious module designs, we’ve got a perfect balance for your clothes to be in the best place when they’re kept folded.

Couple’s Wardrobe

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It’s beautiful to share your half wardrobe with your better half. At ThemeINDIA, we not only try to actually make it a better one, but we do. Our couple’s wardrobe designs thus are with exact alignment of the requirements of the two people and their comfort. Hence, you need to worry about the wardrobes at least when we have got some of the perfect combinations of the wardrobe interiors.

Kids’ Wardrobe

Stylist Wardrobe Designs For Children's Room With Image

Kids grow up and so do their needs. At the same time, it is required for their wardrobe space to also grow and that’s when we come in. With easy configurations, highly dynamic options, and ease of reach, it becomes easy for them to make use of every corner of the wardrobe while they stock up their particulars behind the beautiful doors.

Add-On Accessories

By adding on some extra, you definitely are going to get extra! Hence, our add-on equipment and hardware accessories are going to help you manage your space in an efficient manner. It also helps you to make the most out of each corner of the wardrobe.

Baskets in Wardrobe

Wardrobe Pullout Basket - Wicker - Soft Close

To keep your folded clothes safe and sound, basket space in your wardrobe is going to make it very easy. Wide and spacious cabinets are also usually designed to be secure and anchored on very smooth closing slides for easy access.

Racks in Wardrobe

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Organizing your track pants, shoes, and slippers was never this easy. With inbuilt racks under your wardrobe, every part of your clothing gets to have a premium space to be stored. The racks come in various shapes and sizes and are completely customizable as per the needs.

Boxes in Wardrobe

Wardrobe Accessories | Furniture components and hardware

To keep the smallest of the particulars organized, which usually get entangled and messed up, the wardrobes come with handy and easy to access storage boxes. This box can be divided into various compartments and can be used to drop of your precious and favorite accessories.

Closet Rods in Wardrobe

When your wardrobe space is small and compact, let it still be efficient and spacious for the clothes to fit in with the closet rods. The rods are adjustable and help you make complete use of the space which usually is left overhead.

Lofts in Wardrobe

Loft cabinets can be useful at times and make the most important part to store the essentials in your wardrobe. Fixed with efficient and very sleek bar handles, we make them easy to access and operate.

Door Types for Wardrobe

From easy great doors to the stringent and sporty looking doors, we’ve got all of it covered for you. With utmost precision and alignment, your doors are fitted with best-in-class hardware accessories.

Sliding Doors

With beauty and aesthetics into one, the sliding door comes with smoothness and ease of accessing your wardrobe. The doors are highly responsive which makes them a great add-on to the finely designed wardrobes.

Folding Doors

Folding Door Wardrobe

For wide wardrobes and beautiful specs, these doors which glide through the wardrobes are easy-going and space-efficient. They are smooth and silent to make it very convenient.

Door Panel Designs for Wardrobe

Adding cleanliness and class to the outlook of your wardrobes, the plain doors are stylish as well as fresh at the same time making the experience flawless.

HIGH gloss laminated wardrobe by livspace

Glass – With the contemporary looks of the glass and the edgy shine of the aluminum frame, the doors look classy and sleek with swift performance.

Tall wardrobes with PVC mirror laminate by homelane

Mirror – Attraction at its best, the mirrored doors are aesthetically pleasing and come with a combination of mirrors.


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With a number of designs and finishing available, choose the best one which suits the interiors of your room and complements the wardrobe. The fixtures are designed to open the wardrobes with literally no effort. Some of our accessories come in the antique textured and covered range which takes the wardrobes to a whole new level.


One of the widest ranges of the finishing options available for your wardrobes, ThemeINDIA offers to build emulated and authentic patterned designs for you with sobriety and options including matt and gloss. Go for your favorite color or the favorite texture, we’ve got it all!

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