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Wall Paint FAQs

How to hide wall imperfections with paint?

The more reflective or glossy the paint sheen, the more noticeable those imperfections will be. Conversely, flat or matte finishes absorb light, helping to hide bumps and bruises. So, paint with a flat finish is the most effective paint for hiding wall imperfections.

How to paint a wall to make it look like brick?

Mix some more of the brick color paint with a dab of white paint to make it marbled. Use a second damp sponge to pat some highlights on the bricks. Keep adding darker and lighter paint until you are satisfied with the look of the wall.

How many coats of paint on the wall?

The general rule is that you should use two coats of paint. However, this rule changes based on the color, quality of the paint you use, whether or not you used primer, and the type of surface you’re painting.

How to select the color for the wall paint?

Choose a color scheme from the largest pattern in the space and decorate from dark to light, vertically. Start with the formal areas of the house and use the color wheel. Back to black or go with grays. Contrast warm and cool and do not forget to showcase your personal style.

How to paint textured wall?

Choose either a latex or oil-based paint with a low maintenance finish that’s reflective enough to highlight the details of the wall texture—a satin or semi-gloss sheen, rather than a flat matte finish.

How to paint a wall design?

Use a whisk broom to add texture to your wall paint. Create your own pattern by outlining it on the wall using a cardboard model. Let your kids have a bit of fun by painting patterns on the wall. Use tape to make a “plus” pattern and make a creative wall.

How much does it cost to paint a wall in Kolkata?

From start to finish it’ll cost you around ₹35-₹55 per sq. ft. But you have to understand every design has it’s own value.

What is the difference between ceiling paint and wall paint?

Ceiling paint is formulated to cover all the edges and to hide all the imperfections. It’s flat and the light doesn’t reflect on it so any small irregularities are not enhanced but hidden. Wall paint is designed to be more durable so you can easily clean it with soap and water. Scrubbing and cleaning don’t damage the paint. 

How to paint a wall to look like wood planks?

For these types of wood, opt for an oil-based primer and coat both the top and underside of the project surface to help minimize warping. Dry the primer completely per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re starting with bare or painted drywall, use a paint roller to apply a latex primer to the wall.

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