False ceiling designs

The style of the false ceiling in the interior design brings beauty

split False ceiling designs

The false ceiling is believed to be familiar to everyone. Most of them are used in kitchens and toilets to isolate hot air from the ceiling. In fact, fake ceilings can be used in other spaces for interior design, such as living rooms, study rooms, etc.

Split the existing space

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It is common to use false ceilings to divide the existing space into functional and visual features. Most living rooms and dining rooms are now directly connected, so many people will make false ceilings at the junction of the guest and dining room, thus forming a division.

Realize spatial changes and enhance decorative effects

false ceiling designs for makeup

Decoration and beauty play a big role in this case.Therefore different kind of false ceiling can produce different effects.Thus enriching the shape of the house, enhancing the visual effect.It also increases the ceilings own personality, eventually reflecting the unique decorative style.

Sugar coating the deficiencies of the original building structure

beautiful appearance

Some houses may have structural defects that need to be compensated with false ceilings. If the floor is too high, it will make the room appear empty,hence you can use false ceiling to reduce the height.If the floor is too short,you can use false ceiling to deal with, using visual errors to make the interior “to” high.

Concealing the pipelines to ensure visual treat

false ceiling designs

Some roof beams, wire tubes, and exposure are very unpleasing to our eyes. The above defects can be covered by fake ceilings, giving the ceilings a neat and orderly touch. In addition,the bathroom and kitchen areas contain numerous pipelines .These fake ceilings in larger areas will prove to be quite helpful in hiding those certain areas.

Thermal insulation to increase comfort

indoor light sources

Necessities like keeping our rooftop cool during summer is very important.Therefore heat insulation process can be achieved through false ceilings.False ceilings certainly helps us in heat insulation and heat dissipation.Another positive point is that it will prove to be useful even in the winters.It transforms into a thermal insulation layer,thus making your indoors more warm and comfortable to stay in.

Provide light sources to enrich the level of indoor light sources

false ceiling designs and lighting

Insufficient lighting in most cases can be defeated through false ceilings. Spaces are reserved in it for installation of lamps or lanterns, providing a different kind of visual effects. Mostly the features created by the lights are line lights, surface lights and many more. Thus giving an illusion of softer surroundings.

The application of the false ceiling is a part of interior design, personally organized by us.ThemeINDIA promises to always be with you, providing you the exact decor you need. It also promises you to give full satisfaction through our work and creating the exact environment you need in your home.

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