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The style of interior design? The genre of interior design?

There are more and more interior design styles. Where to start! Because each style has its own characteristics. It is really difficult to choose, so this time We have to learn in advance to figure out which style we want to use. Here we discussed the introduction to the genre style of interior design. Let’s get started.

The style of interior design?

  1. Traditional style: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Islamic, and Japanese.
  2. Modern style: Concrete, flat glass and steel exhibit simple geometric shapes.
  3. Post-modern style: Enrich the visual effects with decorative techniques to pursue human touch. And advocate new structures and materials with metaphor and symbolism.
  4. Natural style: The natural material style is elegant and concise.
  5. Eclectic style: Integrate various styles in time and space to pursue the beauty of form and pay attention to proportion.

Genre of interior design?

  1. High-tech or weighing-tech school, focusing on the performance of “high industrial technology”, like to use the latest materials, especially stainless steel, aluminum-plastic plate or alloy materials, as the main material for interior decoration and furniture design. For the structure or Exposure of mechanical organization, such as exposing indoor water pipes and air pipes.
  2. The Bright School is also known as the Silver School. In the interior design, it boasts of new materials and modern processing techniques of precise and detailed and bright effect. Often, a large number of the mirror and flat curved glass, stainless steel, polished granite, and marble are used as decorative surfaces Materials, in the indoor environment lighting. Often use projection, refraction, and other new light sources and lamps.
  3. White Pie. Their design ideas and theoretical principles are deeply influenced by the style of school and Corbusier. And they are very partial to pure architectural space, volume and cubist composition, light and shadow change under the sun. So, they are also known as early modernist architecture. Revivalism.
  4. Style school. The Stijl ideas fully expressed in all aspects of furniture, art, and other furnishings, Stijl appeared the Bauhaus movement in art, a turning point, it creates absolute abstract visual language and its representative designs for modern Art, modern architecture and interior design have an extremely important impact.

The style of interior design through the editor above? Knowledge analysis of the genre of interior design, we only knew that there were so many styles in interior design, but each style is an incarnation of different genres. Because the genres are different, the decoration styles displayed are also different, so we ThemeINDIA before decorating, you must determine what style you want, so that the decoration can be smooth.

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