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The idea of combining interior – Repair Notes

The idea of (combining interior)combining a bedroom, a living room, a study and a cinema hall – Repair notes


Make a list of what we would like to see after the repair in our apartment. For

some reason I immediately wanted to make a movie theater in my apartment 🙂

Combining interior of a large room

There is an idea to (combining interior)combine a bedroom, a living room, a study, and a cinema to do this, you will need to place…

  • projector
  • approximate dimensions D x W x H – 390 x 450 x 145 mm
  • most likely with ceiling mount
  • maybe it can be hidden behind the cabinet doors (then it will not be visible)
  • screen
  • indefinite screen dimensions, 142 x 244 cm (screen body length, 257 cm)
  • the minimum distance from the projector to the screen is 3.2 meters
  • most likely with a ceiling mount (you probably need to make a niche in the ceiling so that it is not visible when folded)
  • it can be conveniently positioned by the window
  • speakers

Front speakers

  • Dimensions (HxWxD) – 1133 x 247 x 331
  • place on the screen on the floor

Central channel:

  • measurement(HxWxD) – 243 x 515 x 265
  • position near the screen


  • Dimensions (HxWxD) – 520 x 390 x 450 placed on the floor of the screen

Rear speakers:

  • measurement (HxWxD) – 415 x 365 x 175 Color:

 position behind the viewer

  • most likely will be attached to the wall
  • Beech
  • The black
  • Silver
  • Cherry
  • Rosewood workplace with pc
  •  equipment rack

position near the screen or LCD TV

there will be 2-3 boxes

  • approximate dimensions of each (WxHxD) – 440 x 200 x 436 mm
  • they are controlled by an IR remote control therefore must be positioned so that there is no interference between them and the sofa

Color scheme:

  • the black
  • silver

here at a minimum

need a tabletop where to put the monitor and keyboard

  • approximate dimensions

under it you can push the system unit

  • sofa / bed

everything is complicated here

you need to be comfortable watching from the sofa

  • TV
  • projector

it is necessary that the sofa in the folded state does not block the floor of the room (and it is desirable that the unfolded one too)

  • LCD TV
  • fastens to a wall or stands on a curbstone
  • Cot
  • approximate dimensions (W x D) 133 x 73 cm

Now some pictures of combining interior that I liked

    – room normal use

combining interior

    – a room with a working projector

combining interior

   – room normal use

combining interior

   – room with a spread-out screen


   – room rear speaker mount

living room

   – a room with a working projector


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