Taking Care Of Your SanitaryWare

From brushing our teeth to shaving, bathing and applying make-up, and keeping up with our medication and ointments too, it becomes very important for our bath and its design to be a joyful experience for us and act as an asset to the family. SanitaryWare in the bath and the bath itself is enough to make a big statement for itself. It has got a major influence to make for your home.

A commercial building or an office space does not exist in a void. It also needs a solution for these particulars to have a great experience of hospitality to the visitors and guests. They come with the whole building attached to them. The sanitaryWare continues the statement begun in other rooms. Baths are private places where designs can be particularly expressive.

SanitaryWare with Interior Designing

With interior design well done with exotic colors and beautiful surroundings, sanitaryware plays a critical role. It’s important in the making of a home that is the right one to stay in and be comfortable in. Sanitaryware gives a great finish to even the minute details and intricate detailing. Thus, it makes the corners and space of the homes beautiful.

Great sanitaryware equipment facilitates the saving of water and thus adds efficiency to the functioning of the homes. Also, the modern classy ceramic products come with exclusive designs. They thus help to make the loose ends of the home have the perfect outlook.

Losaa Decano‘s SanitaryWare

Losaa Decano- Luxury bath and tiles boutique, located at  Rajarhat, Kolkata, displays a wide range and series of surface and sanitary products together with a niche collection of tiles and sanitaryware to depict one’s comfort, lifestyle, environment, and mood.

It is a complete solution provider. The services encompass contract work undertaking site inspection, supervision, labor-management. It also does consultation, interior designing, and guiding, and procurement of home decor materials in-house and in collaboration with brands.

The showroom products also provide full support service to enhance your homely abode with its bespoke range of colored designer series of various award-winning brands and customized shapes and sizes of vessels.

Are The Products Worth The Money?

The products come in a variety of colors and appealing looks. They are long-lasting, strong, and trustworthy. Some of the upcoming and latest products make up for the concealing ability of the waste products which thus gives a very neat and clear outlook for a longer period of time.

With this touchless era, the team aims to give the best home and commercial automation solutions with VDPs, switchless rooms, and sensor-based operations to minimize electrical consumption and a sustainable approach to the environment with budget-friendly solutions to cater to every segment of the society.

It is also true that these products which are high in ranking in the ceramic sanitaryware industry are always characterized by scratch, rot, and even rust resistance properties. Hence, the products thus are resistant to all kinds of wearing, even some chemical erosion and even the mechanical strength as well as the abrasion.

With the wide product range that Losaa Decano brings to you, you need not worry about your sanitary needs as they are already taken care of.


Sanitary: Kohler , Isvea , jaquar , essco , Cera , Aquant

Tiles: Imported Series, Commercial, & Residential Tiles

Kitchen Sinks & Faucets: Carysil, Nirali, Franker

Pipefitting: Skipper, Astral, Supreme

Wooden Flooring: Rosetta, Crono

Home and Commercial Automation

Water Filter & Softeners: Kent and Eco-Crystal

Serving Your Needs

Losaa Decano serves its clients in the domain of Architecture, Interior Designing, Outdoor Gardens, Consultation Activities, Commercial Designing, & Landscape Designing. Form the initial phase of making a decision to the final phase of completing the project for the clients, Losaa Decano does it all and has experts to equip you with complete end to end solutions for all your interiors and sanitaryware requirements.  

One of the best things that can be served at Losaa Decano is the professional services it is known for. The approach is very simple yet it gives a shape to the latest interiors and designer products embedded into any type of interiors and surroundings.

The service provider has a network of high-performing and quality manufacturing products which gives it extra power to perform well before the customers and take care of the need with exact requirements in place providing the solution and no the options.

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