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Shoe Rack Ideas closet for Your Shoes

There are things you need to fill your home with life. There is furniture, TV, books that you enjoy, and accessories that make you feel good when you watch. However, the problem is that if the house starts to fill up with stuff, the floor area will gradually decrease, and it may look frustrating or cluttered. However, things are not a problem. The important thing is how to organize things and fill the space.

Today, I would like to talk about arranging shoes or shoe rack ideas closet. We share ideas from several experts on how to organize your shoes in a more concise and neat way. Let’s take a look right now.

1. Selection shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinets are not necessarily closed furniture. It may seem cluttered if the whole shoe is exposed, but it can be arranged neatly. The important thing is to separate and sort the shoes by type, size, height, and color.

2. Shoe closet in the dressing room

If you have a dressing room, you might also want to consider how to store your shoes into the dressing room. In this case, it is necessary to steadily manage the sole of the shoe so that the floor does not get contaminated. This is especially useful when you have a lot of shoes in your possession.

3. Hanging Shoe Rack

A hanging shoe racks ideas closet an efficient space saver. If you don’t have enough floor area for a big cabinet, then you can attach racks to your wall where you can hang your shoes. For a more efficient shoe rack, make sure that it is just as narrow as the one you see below. Ideally, you place it at the corner to lessen the space it takes.

If you have a lot of unused skateboards at home, or any kind of wood for that matter, you can easily put them to good use. Place hooks on your wall and put the boards right on top of them to make it stable.

4. Shoe rack used as a point element on the background of a minimalist interior

It was presented by British architectural firm HOLLANDGREEN. It is a dressing room filled with pure white. In the dressing room that emphasizes simplicity, it is contradictory to the shoe rack and shoes. The colorful colors delight the eyes and look at the minimal interior effect that became the basis of the space.

5. Rack by the Door

The back of the door is usually a place that isn’t used. You would think that this is the worst possible place to hang your shoes, but it isn’t. In fact, if you have a walk-in closet, you can use the back of the door to hang all sorts of things. To make it sturdier, you can buy a metal door rack that you can attach to the door.

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Or you can also buy something that’s made of plastic. Usually, these plastic door racks have covers for your shoes to avoid them from gathering dust.

shoe rack ideas closet

6. Another alternative for people with many shoes

If you have a lot of original shoes and plan to move sooner or later, you may want to set up a separate space for shoes. Let’s make a small warehouse for shoes that can be directly connected to the entrance like the space in the photo. Shelves and cabinets were installed to organize shoes in a proper way, and some items such as bicycles could be stored together.

7. Wooden rustic cabinet

shoe rack ideas closet

The idea was presented by IREKHOLZART , a German eco-design company . Tilting the square wooden pots diagonally made it possible to hang shoes for storage. It is made of wood and conveys a natural, unpretentious feeling.

8. Special hanger for shoes

Occasionally, if shoes such as boots are long or large, it may not be easy to store them. How about this idea? Not only does it reduce the use of floor space, but it can be stored on a special hanger for shoes, so that it can be stored in pairs, so it doesn’t affect the shape of the shoes. Presented by German cabinet & furniture specialist HOME SCHLAFEN & WOHNEN GMBH .

shoe rack ideas closet

9. Shoe cabinet hidden inside the wall

There is also a way to hide it inside the wall. A shoe rack was created in a space filled with white walls, ceilings, and wooden floors. The shoe cabinet was constructed deepening the space inside the white wall. If you are too busy organizing adult shoes and children’s shoes or different types of shoes, storing them invisible is a good alternative.

shoe rack ideas closet

Presented by German interior architecture company SCHMIDT HOLZINGER INNENARCHITEKTEN .

10. Clean and organized cabinet

The depth of the wall was laid on the line connecting the entrance. It is functional by allowing clothes, bags, and shoes to be stored together in the cabinet, which has been deepened in the entirely white space. It was portrayed as a neat and systematic impression.

shoe rack ideas closet

11. Shoe space for each type

Another shoe rack presented by HOME SCHLAFEN & WOHNEN GMBH , a German cabinet & furniture specialist . It is a stylish dress room in a modern style filled with white tidy shoe cabinets. It is a kind of storage space for shoes. In addition, a small storage space is integrated under the shoe cabinet to accommodate other accessories as needed.

shoe rack ideas closet

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