Scandinavian Interior Designing Ideas

If there’s a part of the world that knows how to absolutely nail interior design it’s Scandinavia. The rest of the world is constantly taking inspiration from Sweden, Norway, and Finland. However, they are using it for their own design. In light of this, we’ve decided to put together a small collection of Scandinavian interior design inspiration

The Colour Scheme

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If you look into the color pallet of the Scandinavian interiors, you will realize that it is all about muted and pastel shades. Such colors are used to create a soothing picture in the place you live in. Adding color pop like fuchsia and sea green can amp up space if you don’t want it all white.

Light It Up

scandinavian design

Homes in Nordic countries are lit up with natural light. With the light tones and soft hues, natural light can make it all look playful and elegant at the same time. It enhances the elegance of the pieces you put up in your space. You may also put up some lights in and around the home to add some warmth.

Modern Furniture

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This contemporary form and functions of the interior that have their origin in the early twentieth century, look better with modern furniture. Usually, Nordic homes have wooden coffee tables. However, in recent times the trends have changed. Adding an element of metal and wood in the accessories and furniture gives a chic look that most of us are trying to create in our homes.

Warm Wood

scandinavian design

If you think that Scandinavian style was all about white walls, think again! Adding elements of shades of warm wood is the USP of the modern Scandinavian interior designs. Even the flooring of homes based on the Nordic interior is wooden. Shades like sepia hues give a sunny and bright appearance without adding any bright colors to the setup.

Texturize the Look

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Adding texture to smooth shades is essential to give character to the whole look you are trying to create. The wooden floors are enhanced with a touch of softened rugs. Similarly, a plain couch can dull the whole room, but if you put a kilim rug or sheepskin throw on them, it can give a modern textured look to your home. Also, adding a few lights here and there will escalate the look of the textures.

Layer Bedding with Coziness

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Yes, the Scandinavian interior is about following the ethics of minimalism, but a bit of layering never hurts anyone. Especially when it comes to the bedrooms, we all want to feel comfortable and mellow in that part of our home. Hence, layering it up with a few cushions and something warm is all you need.

Symmetrical Lines

scandinavian design

If you look into the depth of elements and design principles of Scandinavian designs, you will realize that it involves a vibe of symmetry. Clean lines and solid pieces are vital parts of Scandinavian designs.

Greenery is Essential

scandinavian design

In Scandinavian designs, plants are another way of lighting up the home space. The greenery gives the freshness everyone needs in homes. Also, with light tones, plants fulfill the need for color without adding any bright elements to your surroundings.

Introduce raw materials

There’s a lot of focus on raw and natural materials in Scandinavian design. Untreated wood plays an important role, adding warmth and texture to the otherwise typically neutral schemes. Wooden floorboards are often the only floor covering you will find in Nordic homes, dressed with simple rugs to soften the look and feel.

Try updating the flooring in your home – wood flooring looks striking in reception rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. To add warmth in the living room or bedroom, introduce a modern & contemporary rug in a palette of neutrals – this is a great way to add a Scandinavian rug to the home and achieve a Scandi style living room! It’s worth noting that Scandi rugs are also sometimes referred to as Danish rugs or a Nordic rug style.

2. Create a monochrome scheme

Vancouver Geometric Grey Black Rug Scandi Style

The nordic style mostly focuses on greys, black and white, with a touch of color added through wood and greenery. A monochrome palette can be incredibly striking and is very on-trend.

For rooms that are dark and lacking in natural light, focus on white tones to make space appear bigger and brighter. Soften the look by introducing soft furnishings in grey, and ground by adding a few statement pieces in contrasting black. Grey rugs would work particularly well with this scheme. If you’re looking to add further interest, you could try a stylish grey round rug.

For bright and airy spaces, you can be bolder with darker shades, but don’t forget to balance the look by introducing white too.

The Scandinavian interior is alive and kicking because of such classic features. Incorporating these basic set-up rules, you will be able to create an abode from the Nordic countries.

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