Rustic Vases and Plants for Autumn

Autumn is one of the most exciting times of the year in the garden. Hues of red and orange will come into focus as the deciduous trees prepare themselves for winter. However, These plants will enrich your containers with a delightful array of colors. As well, It is extending the wondrous displays beyond the summer months.

To get the most from your autumn containers, remember to provide shelter for your pots either on windowsills, near your home, or against a stone wall. Containers might need extra attention when it comes to watering and drainage requirements, and always give them a boost of nutrients by feeding them throughout the growing season to restore soil fertility from winter.

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So, let’s look at these creative flower arrangement ideas during Autumn

Colorful Cornucopia in Autumn


Create a unique cornucopia of fall colors by arranging your favorite autumn blooms on a chic serving tray. Simply cover a moistened block of floral foam with a combination of spreading greenery and low-lying fall blooms. When you’re finished, place the tray on a buffet table. You can surround it with a delicious selection of fruits and cheeses for guests to enjoy while they admire your gorgeous centerpiece.

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Beautiful Blooms on a Budget

Shop the grocery store or discount market for fresh flowers that are a little unusual and give off a hearty, rustic autumn feel.

High End Meets Low End

Designer Lindsay Colleta mixes garden variety autumn flowers, such as leaves, berries, and hydrangea, with premium stems of orchids and dahlias to create a seamlessly chic fall arrangement that only looks expensive. Recreate this simple bouquet in any container you have on hand at home.

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Fall Harvest in Autumn


Autumn is known as harvest season and for good reason. Gorgeous deep red dahlias, cheery yellow mums, and decorative gourds are at their prime and ready for picking. Take advantage of nature’s wealth by arranging your fresh-picked flowers in these easy-to-make butternut squash vases.

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For an Elegant Gathering

When paired with fall-blooming foliage, like Scotch heather and ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum, traditional flowers, such as light pink roses and cream tulips, are elegant options for formal fall parties. To create this classy bouquet, leave stems long and arrange loosely to maintain an airy, graceful silhouette and promote the life of the blooms.

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Sunny Spread

Incorporate your favorite fall fruits and blooms for the perfect fall dinner party centerpiece. To get this look, arrange sunflowers, cockscomb, calla lilies, hydrangeas, pincushion protea, orange roses, apple, pear, and seeded eucalyptus and eucalyptus gunnii in a low, rustic-style vase filled with a moistened block of floral foam.

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Simple Sunflowers in Autumn

Nothing says fall quite like a gorgeous bunch of bright, yellow sunflowers. Arranging these showstopping blooms is simple. They often need little or no embellishment or filler flowers to make a gorgeous bouquet. However, If you’re working with large sunflowers. You must be sure to wrap each stem with floral tape for added stability and easier arranging. Thus, Pair with pumpkins and seasonal fruits, like apples and pears, to make simple, pretty table decorations.

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Vintage Southern Charm

Create a fall table worthy of a Southern rock star with distressed and repurposed containers filled with light pink dahlias, dusty miller, and dark-hued berries.

Cotton Stems

In place of cut floral stems, consider adding the rich look of cotton stems to your fall setup. Simply gather the stems in odd numbers, five and seven working best, then place them into a large vessel. The neutral tones work well for year-round use and work gorgeously with fall tones such as orange and dark brown.

Bouquets for the Buffet

Don’t limit your decorating to the dining table. Create small, casual bouquets to display on a buffet or hutch. Fill the bouquets with simple flowers, dried bittersweet branches, wheat sprigs, and even fruit or mini pumpkins on skewers.

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Tropical Arrangement in Autumn

Bring a tropical look to your home during fall with a statement-making, tall centerpiece. To get this look, arrange Billy Balls, birds of paradise, dahlias, gerbera daisies, sunflowers, Aspidistra leaves (folded and pinned in half), Grevillea foliage, eucalyptus gunnii, and curly willow in a large, low vase filled with a moistened block of floral foam.

Color Me Citrus

Citrus fruit may be a summer favorite, but when paired with fresh, white flowers and seasonal berry branches. The saturated autumn hues of lemons and oranges become fall superstars. To get the look, arrange flowers in a block of wet floral foam. You should cut fruit in half and insert just off the center of the arrangement using wood floral picks. Scatter a handful of small fruits around the base of the arrangement for an extra pop of color on your fall tablescape.

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