Reshaping of Interior Designing During Pandemic

reshaping of designs

The pandemic has a huge influence on design trends. As we know that the pandemic has made people adopt drastic changes in the way they live and work. Therefore, this change has triggered a new shape in how people design their homes.

Currently, the house isn’t just a place to live anymore. Now, It has become your office, gym, yoga studio, and many more things. So, people are now looking forward to the designs which reflect this.

Earthy Colours

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The Pandemic has impacted many interior trends, shifting away from open-plan spaces and encouraging people to create purposefully designed “hubs” that can offer the privacy and focus needed for work/schooling with breakout areas that provide much-needed separation and relaxation. Colors that easily transcend mindsets like beiges and greiges are perfect for tying these spaces into one another, enabling you to still achieve an open feel, while creating designated spaces to get the whole family from morning to evening.

E-design and Virtual Design

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Pandemic has made people adopt the change and shifting their business towards virtual mode. However, In interior designing, the organizations have started taking virtual tours of the space. This helps them to create a design for their clients.

The consultation and meeting are starting to take place over zoom call. However, In addition to it, the design industry has seen a phenomenal rise in virtual design and E-design.

E design is the facility that allows people to create virtual designs for their dream home. By using different software and apps the designer are able to do it. Foyr Neo is one such design software that allows you to plan, create, and render 2D and 3D spaces. However,  It allows people to customize the perfect design of their liking. It also ensures their money-saving.

Home Office in Pandemic Norms

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As work from home has become the new norm in 2020. This concept calls for separate spaces to ensure that the work can be done without any disturbance. Thus, in absence of actual workspace people have encouraged to build exclusive workspace for themselves.

Basically, this idea helps the people to separate their living space from their workspace. Thus, in not much time the concept of office from home will become normal as the kitchen at the home. However, software like Homestyler, Revit, For Neo, etc. works really well in designing a workspace set of homes. Using this the company can design their floor plans and virtual designs according to their clients in a limited time frame.

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Sound Proofing

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As, everything such as Gym, Yoga, Party, Work, and many others are happening inside it has created the need for soundproofing more than ever. As much as, it is important to create spaces for this activity it has raised the importance of sound proofing.

Soundproofing is the way to reduce noise and sound pressure in an enclosed space. Soft materials like foam are most commonly used to soundproof a home or office. Soundproofing does not have to compromise on the design and looks of the house. It should be such that it complements the overall look of the design. This growing need has been realized by both customers and retailers of the designing which makes it an important component in the future.

Inclusion of Open Space

Bringing Greenery Indoors

Having open space in the home impact your lifestyle for good, especially during a situation like a pandemic.  If being locked inside the four walls of the home has taught us anything, it is that we should have such a design that can satiate all our needs. In the memory of outdoor space, people are beginning to create open spaces inside their houses to have access to sunlight and freshness. More Importance is to rooftops, backyards, balconies of the house currently.

Indoor Greenery During a Situation Like Pandemic

The effect of greenery in your house - Reflect House

The inclusion of greenery in the space of a home is an important requirement that we have realized because of the pandemic. With no access to parks and gardens during the lockdown period, people realized it’s importance in their lives.

In such a situation, it becomes important to add those elements to the house which creates a relaxing atmosphere. We need to create an environment that lifts up the mood. What better option than greenery to do this job!

Greenery not only decreases carbon dioxide levels in the house but is also soothing to the eyes. It adds a distinct freshness to the house and stimulates our senses. Elements that can give space to Greenery inside our home are:

Home Hygiene and Sanitisation

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The biggest change that pandemic has led to in terms of lifestyle is that it has made sanitization and maintaining good hygiene as important as breathing. The homeowners are concerned about their well being and are vigilant in ensuring that whoever comes close to their home does not bring infection. Home, being the most trusted space for most people, must incorporate every possible sanitization measure. Following sanitizing, equipment’s and machinery are rising as an important part of home design

These all change which has taken place after the pandemic have to lead to the major changes in the interior design idea for the coming years.

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