MongoDB Performance Tuning: Everything You Need to Know

The second document is made up of the fields in the second element of the array and the rest of the common fields, and so on. The first document is made up of the fields in the first element of the array and the rest of the common fields. Each copy of the document has the array field replaced with the successive element. You will get an error from the database if you exceed this limit. However, this time they have been sorted ascending from the one with the lowest height value. With cursors, MongoDB can ensure that the actual document retrieval happens only when it’s needed.

  • As an example, say you’re only interested in mountain names stored in the peaks collection, but the ascent details or location are not important this time.
  • Each document can be different with a varying number of fields.
  • This row has a unique customer ID number, a first and last name, email address, phone number and company address.
  • The MMAPv1 storage engine is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
  • The $in operator allows you to write queries that will return documents with values matching one of multiple values held in an array.
  • With our MongoDB Plug-in you can connect the OPC Router to a MongoDB database.

You will also learn what cursors are and how to use them within the MongoDB shell. Regardless of how complex your documents are or how many you have, most often you won’t need to review the data in all of them at once. Instead, you’ll more likely want to only retrieve documents that satisfy one or more particular conditions.

Why Use MongoDB?

These innovations are driving more and more companies to incorporate the MongoDB platform. Note the differences in how these storage engines handle locking. MMAPv1 locks whole collections, not individual documents.

But say you wanted to find the total number of ascents for a given peak. The ascents field contains more data than just the total number of ascents inside. There is a total field, but it’s not part of the main document, so there’s no way to access it directly.

MongoDB meaning

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What is MongoDB in MEAN Stack

A natural result of that usage level is that the platform has been extended to meet a massive number of new demands. Most large organizations want to make sure it is easy to get help using any technology that becomes the foundation of their business. Documents map to objects in most popular programming languages. To understand whether MongoDB is right for you, let’s look at the advantages of MongoDB for developers. At SAP Spend Connect, the vendor unveiled new updates to SAP Intelligent Spend applications, including a consumer-like buying … Cloud document management company Box chases customers with remote and hybrid workforces with its new Canvas offering and …

MongoDB is an open sourceNoSQL database management program. NoSQL is used as an alternative to traditional relational databases. NoSQL databases are quite useful for working with large sets of distributed data. MongoDB is a tool that can manage document-oriented information, store or retrieve information.

MongoDB provides a robust query mechanism for defining filtering criteria when retrieving documents. Users can utilize joins functionality by manually adding the code. But acquiring data from multiple collections requires multiple queries and this may lead to scattered codes and consume time.

Step 5 — Querying Fields in Nested Documents

The documents are similar toJavaScript Object Notation, but use a variant called Binary JSON . The benefit of using BSON is that it accommodates more data types. The fields in these documents are similar to the columns in a relational database. Values contained can be a variety of data types, including other documents, arrays and arrays of documents, according to the MongoDB user manual. Documents will also incorporate aprimary keyas a unique identifier.

A core function of MongoDB is its horizontal scalability, which makes it a useful database for companies running big data applications. In addition, sharding allows the database to distribute data across a cluster of machines. Newer versions of MongoDB also support the creation of zones of data based on a shard key. The combination of the MongoDB document model and the distributed system components gives MongoDB an advantage over relational databases. MongoDB scales seamlessly to multiple servers to store and process data. You can simply add more servers instead of upgrading expensive mainframes.

As data changes, it’s propagated from the primary node to secondary nodes. If connection issues are a problem, there are a couple of strategies for resolving them. If it is, increase the size of the replica set and distribute the read operations to secondary members of the set. If this application is write-heavy, use sharding within a sharded cluster to distribute the load.

If still needed, MongoDB also supports database transactions that allow many changes to a database to be grouped and either made or rejected in a batch. MongoDB’s scale-out architecture, which distributes work across many smaller computers, means that you can create an application that will handle spikes in traffic as your business grows. MongoDB Atlas allows developers to get started right away in any major public cloud and easily migrate on-premise MongoDB instances to the cloud. JSON has a flexible and dynamic schema, so adding fields or leaving a field out is not a problem.

MongoDB meaning

It can be stored right next to another customer document that contains only a phone number, an address and no orders yet. These documents are not limited to having the same number of column documents or data fields. As mentioned above, replica sets handle replication among nodes. Under normal conditions, the assigned node status should rarely change. If a role change does occur—that is, a secondary node is elected primary—we want to know immediately.

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This stage is a shortcut for grouping, counting and then sorting in descending order the number of different values in a field. If you want this query to run fast, you are going to need to index the name field in the universities collection and the university field in the courses collection. We can paste this whole MongoDB aggregate query and all its stages straight into the Aggregation Editor in Studio 3T. Notice that when you need to limit the number of sorted documents, you must use the $limit stage just after the $sort. You need the $sort stage to sort your results by the value of a specific field. Now, we apply the $unwind stage, over the student’s array, and check that we get a document per each element of the array.

MongoDB meaning

That is, they can’t be bigger than the maximum size of a MongoDB document. The equality condition specifies a single value that MongoDB will attempt to match against documents in the collection. In the RDBMS database, postgresql has many modern features including a table can have multiple rows and columns. Similarly in MongoDB, a collection can have multiple documents which are equivalent to the rows. Each document has multiple “fields” which are equivalent to the columns.


Instead of using tables and rows as inrelational databases, the MongoDB architecture is made up of collections and documents. IT can process the data structured in this way more efficiently and, of course, these documents are also much easier for people to read. This type of data storage is incredibly beneficial for developers, as they no longer have to adapt their applications to the requirements of the database.

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Transactions refer to the process of reviewing and eliminating unwanted data. In case of any issues, the professional customer support team is ready to assist clients. This allows an application to prepare for fore coming queries that may occur in the future.

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This row has a unique customer ID number, a first and last name, email address, phone number and company address. The $group stage supports certain expressions allowing users to perform arithmetic, array, boolean and other operations as part of the aggregation pipeline. A cursor is a pointer to the result set of a query but it is not the result set itself. It’s an object that can be iterated, meaning that you can request the cursor to return the next document in line, and only then will the full document be retrieved from the database. Until that happens, the cursor only points to the next document on the list. A projection document is a JSON object where keys correspond to the fields of the queried documents.

Integrating large amounts of diverse data

It is easy to scale up or down as per the requirement since it is a document based database. MongoDB also allows us to split data across multiple servers. MongoDB is a cross-platform and open-source document-oriented database, a kind of NoSQL database. As a NoSQL database, MongoDB shuns the relational database’s table-based structure to adapt JSON-like documents that have dynamic schemas which it calls BSON.

How is mongo used in real life?

MongoDB’s horizontal, scale-out architecture can support huge volumes of both data and traffic. MongoDB is available in any major public cloud through MongoDB Atlas, in large data centers through the Enterprise Advanced edition, or free through the open-source Community edition. With its Cerner acquisition, Oracle sets its sights on creating a national, anonymized patient database — a road filled with … With our MongoDB Plug-in you can connect the OPC Router to a MongoDB database.

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