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6 Meditation And Yoga Room Designs Ideas That Will Inspire You In 2021

Today’s lifestyle is fast and energetic. We have very little amount of time to think about ourselves and focus on our mental health. Hence meditation is the only way through which we can relax and refocus on ourselves.

There are plenty of reasons to practice yoga, from improving flexibility and posture to increasing attention. However, it is not always easy to give a daily visit to the studio. Creating a yoga room at home gives you the ability to work on your sun salutations and pranayama at any time of the day. This is what you have to take into account when designing a harmonious space for yoga.

The first step is to choose a location. Whether it’s a small bedroom, a striped corner of the living room, or a converted office, interior spaces should ideally be located away from high-traffic areas of the home. Outdoor spaces are ideal with abundant natural lighting and exterior views.

Yoga Space In Pairs

Meditation room

With the furniture and wooden furniture elements throughout the room, that open into a beautiful courtyard, you will feel in harmony with nature in this cosy room. Floor cushions lend an Asian feel, and there is plenty of room for two people to focus on their meditation practices. The large cushion is large enough to be placed on, but it also adds comfort to those who choose to sit on smaller cushions. Without a hard floor that grabs your ankles as you sit, you will have an easier time clearing your mind while taking deep breaths.

Spiritual Meditation

Meditation space

This image shows how easy it is to take a small part of a room and turn it into a small shrine for meditation. All you need is a source of natural light, some flickering candles to concentrate your energy, a comfortable seat cushion and some other elements that make the space meaningful for you. Note the sage in a small bowl. Burnt sage or incense can go a long way in making the room relaxing. Experiment with different perfumes until you find something you like.

Meditation In The Open Air

Meditation room

If you don’t have a separate meditation room inside the house, why not consider a balcony? This beautiful space is perfect for mediation, relaxation or going out with friends. Large cushions offer comfortable seating on an otherwise hard concrete floor or take a nap on the large mattress on the right. By hanging barriers on the walls, you are able to block some of the stiffer rays of the sun while still being able to enjoy the natural light that you would expect from the outside. Try to weigh down the bottom of the curtains, though, if you’re worried that they might blow into your space.

Mediterranean Vibe

Meditation room

Unlike most of the rooms you will see on this list, this is an incredibly large mediation room which is probably separate from the main house. The roof keeps the rain away, but it’s still open and airy. This would be an ideal space for someone who is teaching meditation or awareness classes because there are spaces in which many people can sit. If you are looking to draw inspiration from this space and put it in a smaller room, pay attention to how many candles create a soft flow in the space. The sand pendulum in the centre of the circle is also a nice touch that you can incorporate on a smaller scale.

Meditation Surrounding A Fireplace

Meditation space

These specific designs can be implemented in the Northern parts of India. The stone walls almost hide the wood stove in the corner of the room, which will make the space toasty during the winter months. The variety of green plants throughout the room will keep the natural space all year round and will help the gaze to flow without interruption towards the wooded lot outside. The intertwining of furniture, including the different styles of chairs, stools, tables and cushions, goes well with those who prefer shabby chic and bohemian styles of home decoration.

Sweet And Simple Meditation Room


A hanging chair is perfect when it comes to choosing the decor of the meditation room. The colourful cushions and the general design blend perfectly with the chair itself and the other design elements of the room. Sheer curtains offer some privacy while still giving you the chance to admire the view outside.

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