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Some Special Master Bathroom Ideas

Renting an apartment can be a temporary solution, but this does not prevent us from giving it a personal touch, to feel a little more at home. We can work with what we already have and modify here and there, always within the limits of the lease.
And even if the bathroom is often one of the painful notes of a rented house (ugly tiles, little space, dated furniture and sanitary fixtures), it is also true that there are small tricks to add style without irreversibly intervening.
Here are some master bathroom ideas.

Nightmare tiles

There is nothing worse than a bathroom with ugly tiles. If you can’t stand your walls, you can arm yourself with patience and indulge yourself with removable adhesive tiles or stickers, to create a contrasting note or renew an entire wall. If instead, the problem is the joints, dirty or yellowed, you can “whiten” them with a specially created plaster-marker. The host will certainly not complain.

Master Bathroom Ideas

New look for the toilet

Very often the toilet is neglected: that is, that we care. In reality, it doesn’t take much to give it a totally new look. Master bathroom ideas, for example, you can try to exchange the old banal white tablet for something a little more elegant, like a blackboard that contrasts with the whiteness of porcelain. Installing it is very simple, just remember not to throw away the old one!

Master Bathroom Ideas

Towel rack

A particularly severe lease could deny you the possibility of making holes in the walls. If you are looking for an original way to hang towels, then master bathroom ideas are you can hang storage baskets on the rungs and place it on a free wall or, to save space, above the toilet.

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The mirror in the bathroom is fundamental: in addition to being useful, it is perfect for expanding spaces and distributing light. It is also a not indifferent ornamental element. If the one “supplied” is not in your strings try changing it with
effect mirror. Remember to find a place in the old mirror and keep the vines.

Master Bathroom Ideas

Replace the knobs

If the landlord is particularly fond of that ugly piece of furniture under the sink and does not allow you to change it, or at least repaint it, there is still hope. Replacing the knobs is an old trick that is always effective (and simple).

Master Bathroom Ideas


Living with a bad floor is not easy. Changing it almost certainly is not an option covered by your wallet or your lease. If the floor of your bathroom does not convince you, or you really want to see it disappear, you can try to cover it with a maxi-carpet. Textiles are always a great way to revive the environment and add a touch of color.

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More light

Bad lighting can greatly penalize a room, especially a bathroom, which can be small or even windowless. The first step may seem trivial, but already changing a light bulb can revolutionize the environment. If you feel more enterprising, try changing lamps/ceiling lights/spotlights with something that is more in harmony with your style. You can remount the old light just before leaving the apartment.

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Bath or jungle?

Adding greenery to your rental bathroom can be an effective solution to revive the room and create a relaxed environment. Its natural humidity makes it particularly suitable for some types of plants, such as orchids, ferns, and bamboo, which do not require direct light.

ideas for master bathroom remodel

Art in the bathroom

The Mona Lisa was said to have been placed in the Salle du Bain of the royal castle of Fontainebleau. If French kings thought the bathroom was the right place for art, why not try it? Hang your favorite pieces on the wall to add some personality.

master bathroom remodel ideas

Textures and textile

Different fabrics, textures, textures can radically change the appearance of your bathroom, with minimal effort. Choose a shower curtain that gives character to the room and invest in good quality towels. If you have space, choose one or two baskets, which you can use to hide laundry and toilet paper.

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