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Kitchen design under 9 sq. meter

Delicate and bright kitchen in a classic style.
What could be more elegant?

In the center is the dining table, which is the heart of the kitchen. All work areas are located around it. In one part of the kitchen, there is a corner set with strict classical facades, in the other – a refrigerator.
The chandelier directly above the table seems to emphasize: it is here that it is important that it is light at any time of the day.
This is the only lamp in the kitchen, but due to the windows throughout the wall in the room, it is always quite light.
The dark refrigerator harmonizes in color with a stove, sink, countertop and
lampshades on the chandelier.
A certain asymmetric layout gives the conservative style of the kitchen a touch of freedom.
And all this at 9 square meters!
Do you want something brighter?
Then here is another great example of a kitchen with a fridge.
Walk-through kitchen in the loft-style.
The saturated color palette, interesting textures, and shapes.

The table is also located in the center, but it is rather a necessity: in any other
place it would have prevented me from moving freely around the apartment.
A single-row kitchen set was used for the working area. Please note that the
wall is used to the maximum: to the ceiling. And the horizontal stripes of the
apron visually make it wider.
A very interesting design decision to accent the ceiling. Firstly, a stylish
chandelier. Secondly, additional lamps are not hidden in the ceiling but are
independent decorative elements. Thirdly, of course, a wooden ceiling panel. All together looks amazing!

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