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Kitchen design under 8 sq. meter

If Frank Underwood from the house of cards “House of Cards” was an interior
designer, then he would definitely say his favorite phrase “You can work with it”
about a kitchen of 8 sq.m.
Yes, 8 square meters is not the ultimate dream. You can do more.
However, such a kitchen will not only fit a minimal set of household appliances,
but also a full-fledged dining table.
So you can use zoning techniques.
Like, for example, in this project:

The furniture of the working area is made in one color scheme and the dining
and storage furniture is in another (the table and the sideboard-cupboard
were made according to the author’s sketches of the designer).
Due to the fact that the kitchen table is quite deep, it perfectly fits both a sink for
a rectangular kitchen, and a miniature hob, and a convenient cutting surface.
Moreover, under the countertop, designers were able to accommodate a
dishwasher and washing machine.
And since all the appliances are as integrated as possible, the kitchen space
does not seem to be overloaded!

A very interesting decorative element is a glass block partition. Just by
changing the material, an ordinary wall has become a highlight and an
additional sources of light from the outside.

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