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Kitchen design under 6 sq. meter

Do you know what is the beauty of miniature kitchen design under sq. meter? It would seem that one square meter is more for a whole refrigerator.
Which may well become a bright accent and stylish decoration of your kitchen.
Like here:

Please note that in this project in the kitchen there are no interior doors. Due to which there is an order of magnitude for more space (both visually and actually).
Another feature is a minimum of decorative elements.

The versatility of the interior is created due to textures (wood, brickwork), colors (turquoise refrigerator) and shapes (bar stools, chandelier). The only accessory is the bottle stand on the wall, and it performs a certain function.
One particular thing to be noticed is the use of space near the window. On one hand, it is very fashionable, and the other, it allows a small dining-space.

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