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Kitchen design under 5 sq. meter

Do you know what is the beauty of miniature kitchen design under 5 sq. meter?
It is as ergonomic as possible!
And if you organize the space correctly, which is quite possible with modern furniture and household appliances. Surely, you will not get tired in the process of preparing even the most difficult dishes!. Of course, in such a kitchen, you will have to refuse the dining area and place only the most necessary:

  • refrigerator
  • a sink
  • kitchen table
  • stove

But also the number of storage areas will have to be reduced to a minimum.
If your financial capabilities allow – try to use the most built-in appliances.
Compact kitchenettes are another option.
It is better to refuse a full-fledged stove in favor of a hob. The refrigerator is the narrowest model. The working surface of the kitchen table should also be small, but not less than 100 * 60 cm.

If due to circumstances, there is no possibility or desire to change the equipment to a compact one(for example, during the conservation season you can sterilize cans in a huge tub and an induction hob for two burners simply does not suit you), then the solution may be to take the refrigerator out into the corridor.

Here is a great example of organizing a functional kitchen space of less than 5 sq.m.
We would also recommend the facades of furniture to completely abandon the handles, and use the bar counter as an additional shelf for everything that should be at hand. Indeed, in this case, this is part of the studio room, and in the real kitchen, there will be two more walls.
You will find proven life hacks, useful tips, and laconic instructions on the design of a small kitchen in our article Design of a small kitchen: “expanding” the kitchen space.

there are some other ideas

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