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Kitchen design under 12 sq. meter

Kitchen design 5 sq. m

Kitchen design 6 sq. m

Kitchen design 8 sq. m

Kitchen design 9 sq. m

Kitchen design 10 sq. m

Kitchen design 11 sq. m

Even if your kitchen is not a studio, 12 square meters is enough to arrange a comfortable zone for relaxation there!
And this is a confirmation.
The minimalistic design and maximum functionality.

All household appliances (with the exception of the oven and microwave) are hidden behind the deaf facades without handles. One gets the feeling that this is just a wall, not a headset.
For the dining area, a narrow bar counter and bar stools were used instead of traditional stools.
Opposite her is a small sofa with legs. In addition, the window sill was transformed into a seat. And thanks to the bookcase and placement next to the fireplace, you can have a good time here, not only waiting for the kettle to boil.

The restrained palette of shades is compensated by an interesting game of glare on the glossy surfaces of the headset.

Kitchen design 14 sq. m

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