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Kitchen design under 11 sq. meter

The main charm of a spacious kitchen is the ability to add what you consider necessary to the necessary minimum of household appliances.

In this project, the use of a two-chamber freezer was such an addition.
The kitchen furniture in light shades has both completely closed facades and facades with glass inserts.
A refrigerator of a dark shade, due to the fact that it is located in a corner, is not perceived as something autonomous. On the contrary, it harmoniously complements the headset.
Although there is plenty of space in the kitchen, all the furniture (including the dining table) is streamlined. Therefore, the entire interior is quite soft, comfortable.
Successfully beaten a very beautiful combination of light beige and green. Note that the curtains are matched to the wall panels.
And even the fact that they are on the floor (although they often use long curtains to the kitchen with a balcony door rather than with an ordinary window) – looks quite harmonious and perfectly complements the overall picture.

Kitchen design 5 sq. m

Kitchen design 6 sq. m

Kitchen design 8 sq. m

Kitchen design 9 sq. m

Kitchen design 10 sq. m

Kitchen design 12 sq. m

Kitchen design 14 sq. m

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