Interior Designing for the Work From Home

Throughout the year 2020, many people are working from home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all either set up permanent offices in our homes. However, we’ve resorted to building temporary desks in our kitchens, dining rooms. These temporary spaces have brought on some interesting challenges related to the struggle to separate work from home. Thus, just working in an environment that isn’t suitable for our overall health and wellness.

Interior designing and the ideas and ways to redesign the home have been drastically due to the pandemic.

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Changes Brought by Work From Home in Design

There are various changes that have been introduced by the pandemic in the design industry. These changes have not only made changes in the work style of people. However, it has also brought a change in the way in which people want to redesign their homes.

Some of these changes are entitled below:

Mindful living due to Work from home


The lockdown has stripped away all the excess from our lives, leaving us paused in our homes. This imposed stillness has moved our attention to things we were not necessarily seeing before. From clutter to spaces that don’t respond to our needs, we’re realizing what doesn’t work in our homes.
Also, quarantine has shrunk the perimeter of our daily lives. So we’ve started giving whole new importance to the little things while questioning what really matters.

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Home as a nurturing space

During quarantine, the home has been our safe harbor literally.
Going forward, social distancing will still be important and we might even have to face intermittent lockdown periods. Either way, we are likely to stay home more than before…With this comes the desire to truly feel good at home.
More people are realizing that a home could and should be more than a bunch of furniture and décor. However, this has created the importance of nurturing spaces even more.

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Hygiene and sanitation

This pandemic has made us all more concerned with what we bring into our homes, that we want to keep clean and sanitized.
This might shine a new light on a room that is often overlooked: the entryway. However, this has encouraged us for setting the tone for a wellbeing-centered experience at home.

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stylish modular kitchen maker in Kolkata
stylish modular kitchen maker in Kolkata

With social distancing remaining as part of the “new normal”, we’re going to gather less in public spaces, from offices to gyms and pubs.
This means our homes will need to serve many purposes and transition between different functions even more than before.
Movable partitions, multi-functional furniture, and clever designs will support everyday reconfigurations, allowing us to work from home and workout all in the same space.

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Connection with nature

During quarantine, many people have missed being in nature. And the feeling has become ever worse given how far from nature our interiors are.
This is an occasion to let biophilic design inspire us more, incorporating real nature elements, reproducing natural elements, and evoking a feeling of nature in interiors.

On the same line, even the smallest balcony has gained exceptional value during the lockdown, turning into a precious escape to take some fresh air.

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All these pandemic-related thoughts add to the delicate environmental situation we were already facing before. So the attention to sustainability will still be essential in all its aspects: from mindfully using natural resources, to carefully choosing the objects we fill our homes with.

From commuting less to shopping local, the pandemic has also stimulated behavior that actually benefits the environment. And one could even argue that these will become paradigms of the “new normal”.

Home Office in Pandemic Norms

As work from home has become the new norm in 2020. This concept calls for separate spaces to ensure that the work can be done without any disturbance. Thus, in absence of actual workspace people have encouraged to build exclusive workspace for themselves.

Basically, this idea helps people to separate their living space from their workspace. Thus, in not much time the concept of office from home will become normal as the kitchen at the home. However, software like Homestyler, Revit, For Neo, etc. works really well in designing a workspace set of homes. Using this the company can design their floor plans and virtual designs according to their clients in a limited time frame.

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Sound Proofing

As, everything such as Gym, Yoga, Party, Work, and many others are happening inside it has created the need for soundproofing more than ever. As much as, it is important to create spaces for this activity it has raised the importance of soundproofing.

These are some of the changes which have been introduced in the design industry due to pandemic.

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