Interior Designing for Startups

Startup companies are usually concerned with initial costs. However, acquisition of hardware and software, and finding a suitable location from which to grow and prosper. That being said, interior design often falls into the background as a less important necessity. It’s wise for each startup company to analyze its initial costs. Basis of which they determine if a small portion of the budget can be allocated towards office design.

After all, great interior space can set a trend that pays dividends for years to come. It establishes who your company is, what it stands for. Thus, it indicates what kind of clients and employees it wants to attract. By showing the office space a little bit of love during the initial design and decoration phase. Your company can lay the groundwork for what’s to come.

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The areas of Office which require design expertise in startups

There are various areas in an office that requires design expertise’s in the case of startups. However, some are below:

Startup office design for startups


Rows of tables provide flexible workstations that are open for easy communication and eliminate the need for assigned desks. Plus, the clean symmetry of the placement of these tables lends this already grand room a sense of sophistication.

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Modern meeting room

Splashes of yellow energize this conference room in a startup office. We love the fact that one half of the table boasts contrasting Eames chairs. However, for a striking visual effect without being distracting or veering towards over the top territory


Other than this, A cafeteria space doubles as an area for meetings or events at this sunny Silicon Valley start-up. We love the fact that the alternating graphic carpet introduces a sense of play and unexpected color. While raw, unfinished wood brings in a touch of the organic and natural when paired with rather moody concrete columns.

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Mid- Century office designs

Mid-century furniture decorates a common space in this stylish startup office. And when it comes to decorating an office space, do opt for tried-&-true timeless furnishings to get the most use of over the long haul. However, going for trendy furniture will ensure that everything will sooner or later feel outdated, and in need of a costly update.

Reception Area

This reception area makes a polished first impression with its soothing yet bold accent wall, symmetrical gallery wall, and sumptuous seating. Follow suit and opt for an accent wall featuring an unexpected hue, and luxurious furnishings often reserved for more formal areas in a private home.

However, other than this. A wall-sized quote and comfortable sofa welcomes visitors and represents the company brand in an office design completed by our team. Note how we took full advantage of this petite space by bringing full-scale furnishings instead of going for smaller ones that would leave visitors feeling unrelaxed and ultimately uninspired.

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Commercial Office Designs

The industrial design of this office space is a nod to the building’s architecture. And while it has a masculine spirit, bold oversized circular chandeliers were brought in for an instant touch of gratifying glamor that’s easy on the eyes. The same goes for the polished concrete floors that boast a subtle sheen. And as you can see, finding the right balance of symmetry is essential for creating a well-coordinated office space of any kind, and any size.

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These are some of the areas which require the most attention. Thus, the interior designer must keep this in mind which designing a workspace for startups. As, from the startups, the design of the workspace tells much more about the startups. It also enables the startup company to build a reputation in the market.

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