How to set up your desk?

Workstations in our home are steadily becoming a part of our life. Even if we
are working in it for just few hours a week. But for surely it is becoming a
vital component of our contemporary home. So,how to set up your desk?

Space Requirement

It must be a minimum of 20 to 30 inches deep.And atleast
24 inches wide.

Prioritize Your Comfort

Make sure there is enough leg room and it is of the right height.
Height of the desk mostly depends on your height. But in average, we can say a minimum of 28 to 30 inches.

Placing The Desk

Desk facing the wall is mostly preferred, since it limits
distractions. It helps you avoid gazing out of the window or watching people
roaming around.

Desk Type

Normal Table

It has the same basic dimensions as other. Its main advantages is that
it provides more work space.It is also more comfortable in respect to other
types by proving more leg space. Its more spacious and allows a big amount of space to fit a modest sized chair.

Wall Mounted Desk

A wall-mounted setup may be perfect for yours if the size of your room is
small. It increases the spaciousness and usefulness of your room.
It is a small and simple built-in against the wall with removable shelves
and side compartments.

Built-in Desk

These types are built within your cabinet system . Offers a whole lot of
places for trash cans, files, and many other useful items that need to tuck
away. You can also blend it into cabinetry so that it visually disappears.
Also, it provides a lot of workspace for you.

There are many more designs for such setups. If you have some ideas and want to share it please comment down below.

We ThemeINDIA team will hear you with perseverance. And promise to fulfill your “How to set up your desk?” goal accordingly.

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