How to choose furniture?

To choose furniture for bedroom, especially if there are few square meters in the room, turns into a real problem. Like it or not, you can’t do without a wardrobe and a bed in the bedroom. A full-fledged bedroom set with bedside tables and a dressing table in a small bedroom will look ridiculous. How to get to the closet if there is a dressing table on the way? Discard a single set of furniture in favor of individual items. Furniture (if you do not equip the room in the Japanese style) it is better to choose light colors that do not “eat up” space.


The best option would be a built-in wardrobe . Opening doors will not interfere with movement around the room. A mirrored cabinet door will help visually expand the bedroom. The less noticeable it will be against the background of the walls – the better. If the layout involves a wall niche, it can make an ideal wardrobe for clothes. Read more about choosing a wardrobe for a bedroom here.


Even if you have chosen a classic design – pay attention to the bed without legs. The lower your bed, the more free space remains above it, and the less the bed stands out against the general background. Bedspreads and structural elements, as in the case of the cabinet, should, if not match the color of the walls, be in harmony with it.
To save the extra 20-40 centimeters, buy a half bed (160-180cm) instead of a double.


Bedside tables

It is better to abandon them completely, replacing the hinged shelves. Be careful when placing shelves above the headboard. Design by design, and a decor item accidentally dropped from a shelf can discourage the desire to think about the beauty of the interior for a long time, switching thoughts from aesthetics to health.


Instead of floor lamps and a ceiling chandelier, it is better to use recessed wall lights. Thus, additional elements littering the space will not appear in the room, and the level of illumination can be easily adjusted.

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