How can Interior Designing Affect your Mental Health

Psychological impact of interior designing

Interior designing has a prominent impact on mental health. As we know that the modern lifestyle has brought stress and pressure of all kinds in life. However, human has impacted by interior designing.

As in homely environment have a great impact on the stress and pressure on the individual. A homely environment with good design influences the human mind in a positive manner. However, different designs have a different impact. Let’s understand more about them.

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Black and White floors for walking

Black and white floor type have been in the market for a long time. basically, we see them in old movies as the result they provide a sense of nostalgic feeling. Apart from this, the positioning of black and white flooring gives the human mind a feeling that the floor is uneven. Due to this feeling, the design becomes fascinating for the areas which have traffic. Mostly, these designs are found in the cafeteria, lobby, bathrooms, and other spaces.

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Proper Lighting impacts mental health

lighting impact on mental health

The different lighting has a different perception and emotional impact on the individual. Thus, different lighting has different lighting impact on the emotions of an individual.

For instance,

Bright lights heighten the emotions that are the brighter the light it the more intense will be the emotion of an individual. Natural light helps in increasing the serotonin level of the brain which makes the individual feel happy. Apart from these, the blue lighting increase the energy level of an individual. These different types of lighting have different impacts on the psychology of an individual.

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Mirror usage impact on mental health

mirror impact

Mirror has been in use for a longer period of time now. Earlier, mirrors were expensive in nature. However, with the growth of silver glass mirrors in the modern period mirrors have turned affordable in nature.

In modern designing concepts, mirrors have been put to use in every room or space. However, the strategic placements of all mirrors open up the room and give the occupant the feeling of expansiveness. Therefore, when these mirrors are paired with natural light it causes the light to reflect around the space. This reflection of light causes the space to light up and helps to lift your spirits.

Affect of Colors on Mental Health

The colors have a huge impact on the psychology of human beings. Thus, while choosing the colors the interior designer must consider the theme of the design and the impact of each color on the human brain.

For instance, The warm colors of autumn invoke different feelings than the pastels of springs. Moreover, the purpose of each room is different from the other and the design should be considered according to it.

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Space and Balance

It is easy to fill the spaces without considering the balance but it will make the space look more exhausted and unorganized. Thus, it is important to maintain balance while designing the space.

Thus, the organization or individual must keep in mind the balance and the nature of space. As the unorganized and unbalance spaces make a space look exhausted and stressful. However, with organized and balance in the space will create a calm and stress-free environment in the home which ultimately impacts the psychological behavior of an individual.

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Dark Rooms Impact on mental health

The clustered impact has a negative impact on your mood and drains all the energy from your self-image.  The dark color of your rooms not only gives an intimate appearance but brings mental health issues that directly affect your mood. Some mental health experts suggest avoiding black, navy, and grey paint colors. Because these dark colors create a sophisticated atmosphere in a room and can cause a poor mood. Suppose you choose the black color for your main room; rather than feeling fresh and active, it might be possible that you feel sophisticated and stressed there. Sitting in that dark painted room can turn your mood down.

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Badly Placed Furniture

It looks so untidy and desperate when your furniture is placed imperfectly. Badly placed furniture reflects your personality and your cluttered mind. If you’re assuming that overloaded expensive furniture and paintings in every room of the house can give you internal peace then, you might be wrong. Considered modern light furniture, just playful in nature, easy to organize, and give you a lot of freedom to play around in your place. The unorganized placing of stuff, messy look of your place can make you aggressive and depressed which will impact your mental health. In contrast, if you set your living in an organized way, you’ll receive positive vibes in your surroundings. Other benefits of organized interior design are stress-reducing, mental peace, proper sleep, improved decision-making power. It makes you feel clean inside out. If you’re in a quest to know how you can upgrade your interior design or badly placed stuff then don’t worry at all. At the same time, you have a bundle of assignments due next week.

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All these things have a huge impact on the mental and psychological state of human beings.

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