In house garden

Gardens-an addition to your home decor

Nowadays small spaces are no longer a limitation for gardens. We can plant in pots, planters , hanging orchards , and tables specially designed for balconies and small spaces.

A garden needs to be take cared on a daily basis,hence we should not exceed its size. A big garden may increase your task and make you tired . Therefore size is definitely an important factor.

Here are few to styles that will help you to decorate your garden.

Rustic style

In house gardens

This is a style that is among the trends for gardens or terraces. It is a very affordable style where recycled elements can play a very important role in its decoration.

Minimalist style

In house gardens

It is a more elegant and sober style than rustic. We do not use as many elements, but we already know this because it is another of the most used styles in interior decoration.
White is the star color which looks really cool with the contrasting green color from the plants. A few flowerpots within the small area can also create a minimalist atmosphere.

Mediterranean gardens

In house gardens

This type of garden allows you to plant different species that can get well adapted to hot climatic condition of India. Informal garden is an characteristics of this type of garden which can provide a very relaxed appearance to our environment.

Classic gardens

In house gardens

This classic and conservative style is appropriate for small planters. The pots are generally made of concrete and stone with some plants in it that embellishes the surroundings. Plants can also contain beautiful lanterns so that they can glow during the night time.

A small interior garden

In house gardens

These kind of design are perfect to give the interior of our home a touch of nature and also enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of nature.

These beautiful styles will surely help you while planning your garden area. Or you can contact us.

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