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We always take care of your needs with different interior decors. So today we will be discussing about false ceiling designs for bedrooms. False ceiling design can help you in reducing the extra effort you put into home decor. Thus we can provide you with a complete comfortable and beautiful home.

Here are a few of the options for false ceiling design For the Bedroom.

Single Layer False Ceiling Designs For Your Bedroom

If you don’t want to overdo your ceiling then probably this one is the best option for you. These kinds of ceilings have a simpler vibe to them with the advantage of spaciousness. Yes, you heard it right

Painting your ceiling in a monochromatic way such as full white can help you create an illusion of a wider space. And in case you feel it’s too boring for you, add a few led’s in it in an assembled form just to provide you with that right pop in your ceiling.

Single Layer False Ceiling Designs for Bedroom

Multi Layered False Ceiling Design

This architectural design contains an elegant style statement. It can easily turn your regular ceiling with a modern luxurious look. The layers give a depth perception giving your room an illusion of increased height.

You can also attach lights on the side of each layer to creating a halo effect to it.

Multi Layer False Ceiling Designs For Bedroom

Gypsum False Ceiling Designs

Gypsum false ceiling has always been a popular product in the interior decor industry. It has always been the most liked ceiling among all.

In the current times, the availability is a lot more hence the price has comparatively reduced than before. Therefore you are fully free to show your creativity and create an outstanding ceiling design. But in case you need a helping hand feel free to contact us.

false ceiling designs for bedroom

Suspended Ceiling Design

Suspended ceilings are a great opportunity to express your imagination and make many dreams come true. Such a design can be original and unusual, giving a certain “flavor” to the room.

There are many options on how and what product a suspended ceiling be made of. One of them is surely a mirror or glass, it severely helps in the visual expansion of the room. And with the help of modern technologies, we are able to take it a notch up than usual. We are able to design the glasses as per our choice and stuck them against them to give you the exact illusion you need. The mirror can be in the shape of a square, hexagon, and many more.

In case you are not a big fan of a mirror you definitely go with other options such as wood etc.

Suspended ceiling

Plaster Ceilings Design

Plasters are readily available in our Indian market making them a lot cheaper than others. They’re long-lasting and are well-insulated even in varying weather conditions. Hence of the most efficient and interesting is to use plaster. It can certainly improve the appearance of your bedroom, giving you an innovative and creative solution from an aesthetic point of view.

There are many more options for false ceiling, so do your research before choosing one. But in case you like one of the above please do contact us.

Plaster Ceiling Design

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