living room in kolkata

Example of Decorating a living room in Kolkata

living room in Kolkata

Decorating a living room in Kolkata is a very creative project. We seeing people want a western touch in a royal pattern. So, today we are here with an example to show you how you can decorate your living room easily.
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Designers note

Living rooms are the front and center of our homes. It is only fit to make the most public room, the focal point of the house. When every part of the space is a royally designed medley of luxury, you know it’s created by @the_karighars! The ceiling lights, elegant marble tiles matching
with the beautiful woodwork, and calming colour scheme, all add a splash drama in the design and emanate panache.

The Luxury of a Living Room is all about its looks, style, and functionality. All that you’ll always find in the homes designed by @the_karighars.

Our view

What they used in this design is a very obvious question. You know the chandelier they used, the same as the colour combination created into this design. The false ceiling showing minimal touch in work but the warm white lighting suites the most. The center of the room is occupied by a beautiful center table. Because this location makes the most attention. The texture used in the wall is wooden. You know royal design has at least a wooden design. So, they did. These curtains are also perfectly sized. Instead of Italian marble, you can use tiles on the floor. In this picture, the flower vases are the customer’s choice.

The window is providing a very good outdoor view as well as daylight. Which brings a positive vibe. But this design is for the cold areas not for Kolkata. So, we can replace the fire section with a beautiful wall cabinet. Remember the wall cabinet must have the warm white light.

If you sense this is a dream then we ThemeINDIA can as you that we can make your dream in real life.

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