Example of Decorating a bathroom for Kolkata / East India

Decorating the bathroom in Kolkata or Eastern India is one of the most creative tasks. Because, many of the people focus most on their toilet. Many people also relax in their bathtub. It varies people to people. Today we present two examples that you can relate to your lifestyle.

Most of the sense will know you that if you do this type of design it will be an experience.

Here we will sum up all the design details, material, and availability for the eastern and Indian region.
We are thankful to Triplex_arquitetura and Nildojose_arquitetura for their picture. You can go to their Instagram account by clicking the link and give them shout out.

Triplex_arquitetura’s Design

Decorating a bathroom for Kolkata

starting from the left side near the using toilet and the bean, which is coloured black but. You can so go for traditional white it will not affect your theme. Keep in mind that make your theme from ThemeINDIA.

Behind the section has a bathtub in which you can change the colour and a hand shower. The tiles on the wall and the floor are the same, the lighting the used are T shaped channel. And because of the tiles, the channel light is spreading tones gorgeously.

On the front right side, we can see a hand basin with some flowers in pots. The interesting fact is the mirror they are using, I imagined most of the shaped mirror, but at last, I figured out this shape is playing most suitable for here.

The whole toilet section has a warm white ceiling light that is looking nice, but for the mirror, you have to put another set of light with the mirror.
Follow that the channel light if also fitted on the floor, separating the toilet and bath section. You can use the same light ceiling of the hanging basin.

Nildojose_arquitetura’s Design

Decorating a bathroom for Kolkata

OMG, when I looked for the first time, it steals my heart. This is also a mindblowing bathroom for Kolkata and Eastern India, the toilet, basin, and bathtub are placed accordingly. In this photo, they are using channel warm white light for the basin section. To hold the soap, and shampoo they made wall fitted showcase with the same channel light.

A glass window is lighting up the whole area. The most interesting part of this design is the glass. The glass can be a blur in one tap, but if you don’t like it, you can go for a blurry kind glass.

Hahaha! Can’t find the door, look carefully, it is a bit tricky.

In eastern India, this design is mostly favorited by newly married couples because of its simple and very modern design sense.

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