Dresser with drawers…Is that what you are looking for?

Every woman needs to have a dresser with drawers to enjoy her beauty and makeup rituals. A well-organized dresser with drawers has always been a stylish addition to a room for a long time.

Most women prefer their dressing table in the bedroom. But there are many others, who also prefer them in the bathroom. A dresser with drawers is a great idea to organize and store your makeup and all your beauty products.

Makeup is one of the things that is difficult to keep tidy. Sometimes you have so many lip liners, lipsticks, eye shadows, brushes, and more. Which without a doubt, when seeing them can create a feeling of disorder. Also the fact of looking for them daily in the morning and in a rush automatically gets messy. And if you don’t have a suitable space for each item and have to keep them all together, the situation is even worse.

In general, almost any vanity can be appropriate to store your makeup and
beauty products. But in the market there are many style options. So you
should choose one that also goes with your decoration. Here are few of the option.

Floating dressing table with hidden makeup storage drawer


Where you can see a floating sideboard in black with a minimalist style.
This sideboard contains a makeup vanity, which is cleverly concealed.

This floating dresser has an empty wall behind, which has the function of adding some texture and contrast to the bedroom. Obviously the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis minimalist design of the dressing table with hidden drawers for makeup is to have a few things as possible insight.

Simple yet spacious dresser with drawers


A dressing table with classic colours like white, black, or grey can be a bold
statement. It will also give you a wonderful advantage of being able to
incorporate any decorative accessories.

As for the stool-style short seats, they might be fine for you, if you’re a
bit of a conservative person. But you can try other options that the market
offers. For example, you could choose a cushioned bench sitting or a
leaning chair to support your back.

Folding mirror dresser with drawers

dressingtbl design

One of the advantage of a folding mirror is that it allows you to see
yourself from different angles. You also have to take into account that
the mirror you choose, must have the correct shape and dimension so that
you can see well from your sitting.

Dressers fitted with back-lights


Lighting is also necessary and important. Most of the time, they leave
this topic aside without giving it any value. Here is one of our design.

The light from the back of your mirror will be a good source of light.
Thus will prevent you from ending up with different colored eyeshadow
or a wrong base.

Bulb fitted dresser


Soft white bulbs tend to give better conditions for applying makeup. A
soft-toned bulb centered on your dresser can also give you a modest
but revealing glow.

Compartmental dresser

dressing table design

These dressers are really very useful, they have compartments of different
sizes. Which makes it much easier to store or organize your powders,
pencils, creams and brushes in one place while at the same time keeping
them separate.

Your dresser with drawers is not just another simple piece of furniture,
it is an extension of your bedroom. From contemporary minimalism to artistic and rustic decoration,you can choose your own decor.

There are also different designs, so try to see everything the market
offers before choosing one. Since choosing an organizer, will not only
give you an extra storage, but also a decorative piece at the same time.

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