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Complementary colour schemes on your bedroom

Lately, two-color painted rooms have become fashionable. The reason? To break the monotony a bit. You can not only introduce a second color into a room through the furniture. But also paint the wall in two very different colors.

As a general rule, when painting a room with two colors one color becomes the primary and the other, the secondary. But what colours look good on each other? Read our ideas to paint a room with two colors!

Dark blue with white

Don’t you really like that all the walls are white? There is always some interesting option in the colour scheme! This time, white for three of the walls and a dark blue for the headboard area.

What if you could paint half the wall in one shade and the other in another? Of course, but you will have to put some adhesive border and that the wall is completely smooth so that the combination is good.

White with mint green

Let’s continue betting on some risky combinations, but they will be luxurious! A white color to dress most of the walls, with a mint green tone. Bring freshness and introduce a little nature into your bedroom!

Another bet would be to paint half and half. Mint green can cover the lower half and white the upper half . Ideal for rooms that don’t have a lot of natural light!

Gray and pink

Looking for a subtle way to paint your bedroom walls? How about using a dark gray for the bed wall and the rest painting them in a soft lavender shade?

It is a combination that provides freshness, elegance and glamour. A great combination for a modern double bedroom, but with a light classic touch!

Black with gray

This is a quite risky combination, and that, if you do not know how to use it well, will slightly spoil the decoration and harmony of your bedroom. But, if used well, it will become an elegant space, with a lot of strength and character.
Paint the main wall in black, leaving the others for a gray tone that becomes lighter as you move away from the black color. A combination that never fails!

Coral with blue

Maybe at first glance they are colors that collide a little, don’t you think? But, painting half of a wall a coral color and the other a light blue, they look great. Or turn a colour into the protagonist, such as coral, and the rest of the walls in a slightly light bluish tone, so that it marries well with the other.

Green with earth tones

Do you like nature a lot and would you like to introduce it in some way in your bedroom? What better way to do it with a great colour scheme ? Green and earth tones are two tones that match very well, so you could use it to paint the walls of your room.

The lower half of the wall in a soft green, while the rest in a stronger earth tone. Or vice versa , a light earth tone on the plinth part and the top in a very dark green.

Complementary colours are vast in numbers. In case you like any one of the above or want to share some of your ideas. Please let us know and comment down below.

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