Extending your cabinets to the ceiling

Bedroom is the only place where you tend to relax the most. With years of
living in it the capacity for storage eventually decreases. Hence, it starts
clogging up your beautiful place. Therefore, it is very important to plan
all this important points beforehand.
You must be thinking what is the solution? Of course its none other than by extending your cabinets to the ceiling.

A cabinet is a closed piece of furniture with one or more doors and probable
shelves in it. These ceiling cabinets are built against the wall creating enough storage units for your room.

Nowadays, these are not only storage units but also a decorative piece of
furniture.On one hand it provides ample amount of space while on the other
act as a piece of art.

It features two slatted doors for storing things.Each door contains an handle for easy usage.Design is simple yet beautiful with a silky texture on it.

Another double door cabinet system.This contains an rough textured vibe to it,with a touch of modern times.

The cupboards are wide spaced with shelves inside it.Contains horizontal handle.The design is inspired from a cube.

Another wooden single door cabinet having the similar features.
The design is that of sliding door.Also let us know what you liked about the designs.


There are more numerous ideas regarding it. If you wish to share any of those please comment down below.

#ThemeINDIA promises to always be with you, providing you the exact decor you need. It also promises you to give full satisfaction through our work and creating the exact ceiling cabinets you need in your home.

Author- Swati Gure

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