False ceiling designs

The style of the false ceiling in the interior design brings beauty

The false ceiling is believed to be familiar to everyone. Most of them are used in kitchens and toilets to isolate hot air from the ceiling. In fact, fake ceilings can be used in other spaces for interior design, such as living rooms, study rooms, etc. Split the existing space It is common to use false ceilings to divide the existing space into functional and visual features. Most living rooms and dining rooms are now Read more…

ThemeINDIA color combination

Indoor experience with colors

For surely, you can do so by enhancing your indoor experience with colors. Do you know that colors play an important role in the life of a person?Colors have this unimaginable ability to alter your mood. It can incite anger, evoke happiness, create feelings and many more. Even so, most people don’t spend a lot of timethinking about the effect of colors in their house or offices. Playing with colors arent that much easy. Although Read more…

Indian kitchen designs

15 practical mini kitchen designs for small apartment

“For small apartment spaces! Your kitchen area can certainly be saved, but in order to take care of the stomach of a family, the necessary functions must not be saved. Do you wanna know how to give full play to cooking skills in the existing small kitchen space? How to arrange an area of ​​several square meters? Take a look at the 15 practical small kitchen designs in this issue.” Semi-open kitchen The semi-open kitchen Read more…

Bedroom design

2020-2021 bedroom design trends

The comfort level of the bedroom directly determines the happiness index of people’s daily life. And the trend of bedroom design in 2020-2021 is precisely around the creation of a comfortable and livable sleeping atmosphere. So, let’s get started with a Functional layout plan to ease the area constraints of small units. Disappeared bed The floor bed combines the three functions of bed, storage cabinet, bedside table weakens the concept of traditional beds and uses Read more…

Interior design

The style of interior design? The genre of interior design?

There are more and more interior design styles. Where to start! Because each style has its own characteristics. It is really difficult to choose, so this time We have to learn in advance to figure out which style we want to use. Here we discussed the introduction to the genre style of interior design. Let’s get started. The style of interior design? Traditional style: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Islamic, and Japanese. Modern style: Concrete, flat glass Read more…

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