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Bedroom Decor( necessary details you need to look for )

As we know that a person spends half of his life in its bedroom.It is logical that the bedroom decor we use so often should not be only comfortable, but stylish as well.
Therefore, a perfect bedroom is all about the choice of its colour, styling of the ceiling, furniture, curtains and many more .

How to choose a furniture?

The choice of a bedroom furniture, especially if there are few square meters in the room, turns into a real problem. Like it or not, you can’t do without a wardrobe and a bed in the bedroom. One of the points that can create a huge difference is by choosing light coloured furniture. It gives a spacious illusion to your surroundings.


Even if you have chosen a classic design, please pay attention to the beds without legs. The lower your bed, the more free space remains above it. And eventually, the bed stands out less against the general backdrop.

Cupboard for Bedroom Decor

The best option would be a built-in wardrobe. Sliding doors will not interfere with the movements around the room. A mirrored cabinet door will be very helpful in visually expanding the bedroom. The less noticeable it will be, the better it will look. Therefore placing it against the background will certainly be a visual treat. Also, if the layout involves a wall niche, it can make an ideal wardrobe for clothes.

Bedside tables for Bedroom Decor

It is better to abandon them completely and replacing them with hinged shelves. Be careful when placing the shelves above the headboard.As sometimes,it can destroy the beauty of the whole room.

Fixtures for Bedroom Decor

Instead of floor lamps and a ceiling chandelier, it is better to use recessed wall lights. Thus, additional elements littering the space will not appear in the room.And the level of illumination can also be easily adjusted.

Bedroom interior with balcony

A bedroom with a small balcony in it?
Are you thinking about this, if yes, this is the ideal layout for creating a stylish bedroom?The balcony can be turned into a cozy and comfy place for summer vacations. Putting a rocking chair on it, adding a plaid and a small lantern for the garden. It can completely change the whole scenario of it.

You can also remove the partition between the balcony and the room. Turning the “external” space into a full internal space.In this case, the niche of the “balcony” should be decorated in the same way as the bedroom.It shall be decorated with the same flooring and colour.

We ThemeINDIA can help you in creating a perfect bedroom. Our services are ideal for such work. Our devotion to our work is unimaginable and it promises to provide you the same bedroom decor you want.

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