Bedroom Colour Schemes and Combination


There are lots of choices to make when it comes to bedroom design. But, usually, the design starts with a color scheme which is not a bad place to start. Your color scheme really sets the tone for the rest of the room.

Whether punchy accent colors or tonal single-shade palettes, these color ideas are the inspiration you need to envision your dream. There are many ideas related to color schemes and combinations that will be enlightened here.

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A Timeless and Neutral Bedroom


A neutral palette like Hernandez Greene’s Upper West Side bedroom design will always be a classic. However, it gives a hotel-like experience with its crisp white linens. Its season-less vibe works throughout the year from fresh spring days to cozy winter evenings. It can also be accessorized with any color idea, making it a complete design chameleon. Add cohesive but interesting features for a look that is serene and must be in mind.

Blue and White Bedroom


The first thing to be noted about this tonal Taylor Howes scheme is just how tranquil it is. Blue color schemes for bedrooms will forever be a go-to for spaces that need a little calm.

The bedroom’s quilted upholstery and bedspread reiterate the grid lines of a custom leather headboard.  It adds further comfort to the look.

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Neutral Colour

In true Parisian style, Jean-Louis Deniot understands that subtlety is the pinnacle of style. He chose a bedroom color combination of slightly tinted tones for this apartment. It is in the sartorial highroad of the Avenue Montaigne.

The pared-back bedroom color palette allows statement wall art, gilded tones, and an urchin-punctuated mirror. As well, It introduces them without being too bold.

Purple and Pink Colour


Forget the stigma attached to such a feminine color palette – subdued berry tones and purple-washed neutrals make an elegant bedroom color combination.

Katharine Pooley forgoes her trademark azure tones in favor of this master bedroom color scheme. The delicate framework of two cross-base stools and a pearly oyster-hued rug elevates the space to ladylike chic.

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Neutral & Blue Bedroom

If you have a larger space (or even if your space is smaller and you love the intimate vibe), consider including slightly deeper tones in your bedroom color palette for a rich but balanced scheme. This welcoming color palette of dark warm greys, blueberry, and beiges is so inviting and the earthy tones maintain a level of serenity. Lighter woods (seen here in Helen Green Design’s Betula-finished chest) add an elegant lightness to space.

This bedroom color scheme capitalizes on textures and creates unexpected contrasts with a colorful cloud of magenta hydrangeas which can be switched out for autumnal blooms later in the year

Peach & Grey Colour

Grey color schemes for bedrooms has been the neutral du jour for a long time now and not in the least for their ability to make previously repellant colors absolutely covetable. Who would’ve thought that peach could be completely transformed with the help of the unassuming neutral? Kudos, grey.

This airy twin bedroom applies the pastel carefully but without trepidation to the room’s pure white wood paneling backdrop, giving the beds’ end stools a colorful pop. Master tricky hues by sticking to simple materials and reserve textures (like these shagreen bedside tables and basketweave headboards) or complicated patterns for neutrals. For more inspiration, read our article on grey bedrooms.

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Baby Blue & Cream Bedroom

Choosing a predominant bedroom color scheme and backing it with enthusiasm is daring but often pays off like in this composed bedroom. Never has baby blue seemed more appealing!

A starburst headboard offers a modern take on Art Deco as does a matching chaise longue, which is reminiscent of glamorous old Hollywood movies.

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Brown & Cream Colour

For those who are nervous about returning to the warmer side of the color wheel, this 1508 London bedroom might be all the convincing you need.

Nutmeg-hued upholstery pairs beautifully with luxurious creamy tones like whisper white and sheer pink in a nod to smart but sophisticated. These bedroom color combinations work particularly well with dark woods and tend to suit transitional homes which aim to preserve traditional aesthetics

These are some of the color combination ideas which can be used for Bedrooms.


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