Adding Accent Decor to Your Interior Space

The main purpose of having your own home is to visualize every corner to be your ideal. Well, there are many things to do to make every room visualized as you wish. One of the best ideas is to apply an accent wall to give some changes.

These are some of the ideas which you can look at while planning to add an accent to your home.

Wood Bands Wall

Wood Rings Accent Wall

Wood is always related to a warm vibe. However, The focal point of this is literally the disks of sliced birch poles glued to plywood panels that create a graphic wall mosaic. Thus, you can even use them as hooks to hang your stuff like bags or garments.

Pattern Accent Wall

Use a Stencil to Add Color and Pattern to Your Accent Wall

The best part of applying wall stencil is you may not have to repaint your already accent wall. Modification is the key. You just need to include color with the stenciled style to add more accent shade to a room. Stenciling a wall is the best idea since the result is noticeable but not overwhelming or exaggerating.

Deep Blue Wall

Deep Blue Living Room Accent Wall

An accent wall aims to liven up the atmosphere of the room with many choices available. You can experiment and try out different shades or patterns just what you like. Just take a look at this magnificent accent wall, in a space made by Dettaglio Interior decoration. It screams deepness and interest by adding a pop vibe to the traditional space.

Accent Walls Examples

Geometric Wall

This bedroom looks unique but captivating with the geometric wall which also functions as a headboard. Added with a soft lilac bedspread, taupe-colored drapes, and striking geometric plant racks, the room is completely remarkable in a subtle way.

Unique Wall Paint

Concrete Accent Wall

This living room is added with the concrete structure to lighten up the vibe of roughness and commercial. What makes this room intriguing is the opposite attraction between the wood floor and the cold wall.

World Map Wall

World Map Accent Wall

Having your applied with world maps accent wall just makes the room look adventurous. The vibe of having an adventure around the world makes this room looks dreamier yet captivating to the eyes.

Momentary Wallpaper

Temporary Wallpaper

If you have a limited budget, you might as well try temporary wallpaper. Some people even call it “renter’s wallpaper”. For your information, this product is detachable and also requires no paste or water.

You can change it anytime when you are already bored or want something new. Temporary wallpaper is often used in the foyer, behind a headboard, and also in a room lacking any specific architectural features.

Color Wall Ideas

Orange Living Room Accent Wall

Orange is always related to cheerfulness and overflowing energy. This color is great to liven up the room. Orange accent walls can stimulate the atmosphere to be livelier. This room can be the kids’ favorite even.

Wall Designs

Rainforest Inside Your Bedroom

A rainforest accent wall is a great idea to lighten up the natural vibe of the room. Your time resting will be more peaceful. This just complements the other aspect of the rooms such as tartan bedding as well as dangling captive light.

Stone Wall

Stone Accent Wall

Rock accent walls give a natural vibe to the room. This option is quite fancy and requires more budget but it is worth it. The special f this accent wall is a composite ultra-light product that could be stuck straight to drywall and easily reduced making use of just a routine hacksaw.

Therefore, there are no special tools or blending are should produce your rock wall with veneers.

DIY Stenciled Wall

Modern Geometric

The geometric non-precision accent wall gives a playful vibe to the room. This makes the rooms look more unique yet fashionable. This type of accent is suitable for children’s bedrooms, living rooms, or utility rooms.

Accent Wall Tile

Use Tile on an Accent Wall

Glass tile accent wall surfaces give a dramatic change to the atmosphere of the room. You can try tiling the whole wall in stunning glass floor tile for a premium look. The look of this room is remarkable since it includes a ceramic tile accent wall.

These are some of the wall ideas which can be used by the client as well as the interior designer while adding an accent to their home decor. This way you would be able to accent and more details in the interior designs of your home.

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