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Our mission

ThemeINDIA aims at providing the most convenient, less time consuming, pocket-friendly and most importantly high-quality household services through our highly efficient electricians, plumbers, carpenters, wall painters, technicians for laptop, computer, mobile, and especially every kind of solution for your Ac (Air-conditioner)along with other household appliances.

ThemeINDIA brings to you the blessing of modern science through its unique technology called home automation where you can control most of your household appliances at your fingertips via your smart-phone and remote devices.

Whenever thinking of giving your old home a retouch or planning to furbish your dream home, don’t give it a second thought other than ThemeINDIA. We take complete responsibility of decorating or redecorating your dream home with our expertise team in Home Decoration.

You can also peep through ThemeINDIA’s online store of every kind of furniture for home, office, and garden. Here you can find traditional, modern as well as a wide range of designer furniture to choose from.

Our vision

ThemeINDIA is here to bring about a revolution providing services not only within your budget but also of the highest quality possible. Our motto is to take you to a world where you can enjoy the benefits of Economics scale. We are to become a bar in the world of unemployability through our unique system and vision to think for others. Soon, we are going to introduce you to an era of unending opportunity for our society as a whole.

ThemeINDIA wants to be a pioneer in providing its renewable resources of energy to a world which is gradually running out of its nonrenewable resources of energy through its unmatched endeavor to work for the common people and make their habitat more habitable.

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