70s bedroom decor

70s bedroom decor..a style you may opt for..

70’s style is back! By that, we are not referring to dolls or something else, but to the characteristic chic and timeless style that now returns to our era. Thanks to the elegant colors and vintage charm, the 70s bedroom decor style is the new trend in retro decoration. Furniture, lamps, decorative accessories, and textiles shine with their bright colors and wild designs producing a feeling of freshness in your home.

It is true that when we look for ideas to decorate our home we fill ourselves with doubts. Because we do not know what will be best for every corner of our house. 70s bedroom decor may fascinate you to have that exact vibe in your home.
Today we will be particularly discussing the 70s bedroom decor.

So here are few of the many bedroom decors.

Using your walls as canvases

A modern style with contemporary details was the primary idea to bring the 70s theme to life. Neutral tones with some splashes of color on the wall, or using it as a canvas and painting it as per your imagination. Thus bringing out your inner artist and creating an amazing look.

Dark wild colours

It was not just the colors that evoked you in the homes of the 70s. The color combinations in a wild way became a real eye-catcher throughout the home. Especially popular during that era were the striking brightly colored wallpapers with different designs and shapes.

Furniture of 70’s bedroom decor

Furniture, lamps, decorative accessories and textiles with a design from the 70s, they are more fashionable than ever. Plus if you match it similar style bed it will look more classic and elegant.

Boho themed 70’s bedroom decor

Boho themes are more or less famous for there amazing art works and application of various colors. If your are certainly a fan of colours and art you should definitely opt for it. You can also add hanging lanterns to your bedroom adding another piece of art to it.

Simplistic 70s bedroom decor

If your are a person who wants more of a simple design you can go for it. This particular design is as simple inducing a sense of freshness to your room. Accessories applied for this decor are both minimal and handy. It provides enough storage without clustering your bedroom.

Although sometimes it is better to consult with an expert who tells you what is best for you. But if you are an adventurer and you prefer to do it by yourself, you can for surely go for it. If you loved any of designs mentioned above please comment down below.

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