3BHK apartment interior design at Sonarpur, Kolkata

Living and Dining area

Living room and dinning area by livspace and ThemeINDIA
Living room by livspace and ThemeINDIA

The living area of a house is all about the relaxed mood and a feeling of calmness that says Oh! Finally, I am back home! This design includes elements that invoke the very same feeling of calmness and relaxation. In our design, we have gone for straight sharp edges in almost all our elements. But the main attraction of the house remains the sofa unit that stands out due to its unique design. This 6 seater sofa comes as a complete unit with one 5 seater sofa, one separate seat, and a coffee table. The sofa appears to be floating on the floor with its unique design. It is placed right next to the Balcony ensures the area receives as maximum outdoor light as possible. The floating part of the sofa casts a nice reflection on the floor which not only looks cool but also adds to the ambiance of the room.

The living area further houses a modern and classy TV unit from Livspace. The wall behind the TV unit is completely covered with wooden panels which adds to the value of the entire wall. 

To further enhance the utility of the area we have gone for a stand-alone Puja unit. The puja unit comes with a glass base reinforced with the help of an aluminum frame. The shutters of the Puja unit come in a veneer finish.  

The TV unit comes with a grey laminate finish and a frosty white laminate for the carcass is used. The grey laminate finish helps to break the monotonous look of blue and white and provides much-needed contrast in the room. The planter beside the TV unit keeps the room fresh and enhances the overall aesthetics of the room.

The puja unit

puja area by livspace and ThemeINDIA

The puja unit acts as a partition between the living and the dining area. The base box for the puja unit comes in a glass with aluminum frames which are durable and sturdy enough to place an idol on top of it. The area is highlighted through 2 spot lams that throw light directly on the centerpiece. The top part of the puja unit comes in a wooden finish with a highly reflective and glossy surface.

Dining Area

Dinning area by livspace and ThemeINDIA

The Dining area houses a 6 seater dining table and chair set. With the dining table, no overdo things and keep it as simple as possible. The chairs provide a comfortable cushion and come in a white leather finish. We believe that dinner time is always family time. Keeping that in mind, we have provided a family tree photo frame as a backdrop for the dining area. The crockery unit from Livspace provides enough space to house your everyday crockery items like plates, bowls, glasses, blenders, etc. The crockery unit again comes in a Grey laminate finish and Frosty white laminate for the carcass. To further enhance the lighting in the dining area we have opted for pendant lighting. The array of mirrors on the sidewall reflect as much light as possible to keep the area bright.

Overall, the dining area combined with the living area completes the Living and Dining space of your house. We have to have gone for a blue and white theme combined with sudden contrast of oranges and greys. We have taken into full consideration the fact that the design needs to be simple and minimalistic. I hope this design fulfills your needs.

Bedroom 1(Adjacent to living area)

Toilet and bathroom by livspace and ThemeINDIA

 This is one out of three bedrooms available in your space. In this bedroom, we have gone for a dual-tone theme. The walls having shades of lavender from Asian paints while the false ceiling is made out of Gypsum board having a deep blue finish. The wardrobe area is divided into a clothing section and a storage area. A separate office table is provided for the provisions of study or work from home. You can easily place a Gaming PC on the table and there will be enough space left for your keyboard and mouse. The bed provided in this room is normal-sized while there is enough roaming space available around it. The bedside stand from Livspace in deep blue finish can be used for placing the bedside lamp. It comes with 2 Quadro soft drawers for storing essentials.


Bedroom by livspace and ThemeINDIA

We have divided the bathrooms into two areas namely- wet area and dry area. The wet area houses a glass shower cubicle with all the fittings inside it. The dry area comprises a vanity unit from Livspace on which washbasin can be mounted. The vanity is wall-mounted to protect it from moisture as much as possible. A customized glass mirror is provided above the vanity unit. The bathroom pan remains in the dry area.

Foyer area

foyer by livspace and ThemeINDIA

The foyer area is the main entrance of the house. This area can be used both for functional purposes as well as purely for aesthetic purposes. We have tried to achieve a nice blend between the two. This portion of your house has a shoe rack unit from Livspace which also has a sitting area along with enough space for storing all your footwear. We gave used the space above the shoe rack unit as a display area with multiple photo frames. It gives a good opportuni9ty to let people who visit you have a glimpse of your family life.

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