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15 Best Mini Kitchen Designs Ideas For Small Apartment You Can Use Them In 2021

For small apartment spaces! Your kitchen area can certainly be saved, but in order to take care of the stomach of a family, the necessary functions must not be saved. Do you wanna know how to give full play to cooking skills in the existing small kitchen space? How to arrange an area of ​​several square meters? Take a look at the 15 practical small kitchen designs in this issue.”

Semi-Open Kitchen

Semi Open kitchen designs

The semi-open kitchen not only guarantees the independence of the kitchen but also shapes the spaciousness of the space. The kitchen uses white and a small amount of blue, and the blue is given by the decorative painting and the carpet ( carpet decoration effect picture ), fresh and bright; two top cabinets are used to store dishes, and the symmetrical wall and window sides are wonderfully used.

Wall space; You can extend a vertical part of the operating table with a wooden table, and two seats are placed, which creates a simple dining table area.

Small IKEA-Style Kitchen

Indian kitchen design

A small IKEA-style kitchen slowly tastes its exquisiteness and excellence from the details. The first choice of log overall cabinets (the overall cabinet decoration effect picture ) seems to be tailor-made for it, especially the top cabinet, the elaborate design of the corners is a small space-saving technique.

Kitchenware adopts wall storage, hanging rods, S hooks, and magnetite knife holders, which make the kitchen neat and orderly. What I have to mention is the setting of a small dining table ( dining table decoration rendering ), and the arrangement of the cabinets and the arrangement of the cabinets to let the kitchen The function is more complete, and the space is spacious and flexible.

Cabinet Kitchen

Indian kitchen design

The green overall cabinet is the main part of the kitchen. The green and wood-colored floor match are fresh and natural. The design of the top cabinet is unique. Although the kitchen area is not large, the top cabinet is boldly filled and fills the entire kitchen. The wall creates an amazing storage space for the kitchen.

Combination Styles

Indian kitchen design

Each small kitchen has its stunning and desirable features. The counter-tops and walls of this one are handled very well. The white cabinets and wood-colored marble counter-tops are smooth and warm, but it is not interrupted. The wall is stretched, and the wall of the range hood is extended longer, which just acts as a splash-proof wall for the stove.

Simple Atmosphere

Indian kitchen ideas

The design of the small kitchen is selected because of its simple atmosphere. The whole cabinet is painted with white piano paint, which highlights the quality. Especially the top cabinet, symmetrically set on both sides of the range hood, the surface reflects the light well. A fat and extended dining table design make the kitchen cute and pleasing.

Dark-Toned Kitchen

Indian kitchen design

The dark-toned kitchen is also unique as if it has more unique, small corners, using darker wood overall cabinets (the overall cabinet decoration effect picture ) And after you using black marble as a counter-top to ensure cleanliness, brown Masak background, the wall is a good material for the splash-proof wall. And it also creates a blurred vision for the wall.

Special U-Shaped Operating Table

Indian Kitchen design

The design of the U-shaped operating table allows every inch of the kitchen to release the function, not only the dry and wet are effectively separated. But also you can use a spacious operating table for displaying the knife. So, you can also arrange various plates and bowls for the weekend A feast for the feast.

Design of the Open Kitchen


Open kitchen designs can make your whole area look very spacious. The whole kitchen area is close to the corner design, and the gray brick background wall is unique. You can choose a larger cabinet style to highlight the atmosphere and carpet ( carpet decoration effect picture ). The oblique display is also a trick to create a spacious visual space.

Narrow and Long Space Type

Indian kitchen design

The dark-toned kitchen is also unique, as if it has more unique, small corners, using darker wood overall cabinets (the overall cabinet decoration effect picture ), and using black marble as a counter-top to ensure cleanliness, brown Masak background The wall is a good material for splash-proof wall, and it also creates a blurred vision for the wall.

White Overall Cabinets

Kitchen design

The selection of small kitchen cabinets is unique among all these kitchen designs. The white overall cabinets and the design of the drawbar are more unique. The long and thick handles shape the white cabinets with lines and textures. The small kitchen is also not decorated with small decorations, fish decoration paintings, and beautiful flower arrangements in the corners, which are great and fresh embellishments.

Kitchen Wall Storage

kitchen ideas

The kitchen wall storage is played to the extreme. Not only the top cabinet with glass door, but also the shelf ( shelf decoration effect picture ) type top cabinet is also designed with stitches. Place your favorite decorative dishes and a few books on it. Good book, the kitchen also has a strong cultural atmosphere.

Very Long Kitchen

Indian Kitchen

The kitchen is narrow but very long. It is a smart choice to design the operating table on both sides. This can also achieve a good separation of wet and dry. The combination of green and wood colors portrays a different kind of nature. Finally, a suitable pattern is laid. Carpets ( carpet decoration renderings ) protect the feet and are beautifully decorated at the same time.

White Cabinets and Small Red Pieces

Indian kitchen

With white cabinets and small red pieces, the small kitchen design shows a sweet gesture. Distressed wooden furniture and red checkered rugs, plus green potted plants, portray a bright and rural style. The storage design is very good. Not only a shelf is added beside the cabinet, but a corner shelf above the wall is used to store various bottles. The dry goods are lined up neatly.

The Layout of the Kitchen

kitchen style

The unique perspective provides a clearer understanding of the layout of the kitchen in this kitchen designs blog. The entire kitchen is filled with wood-colored cabinets. The U-shaped console at the bottom is specially treated at the corners. It is designed to enter the pool and make better use of it. Space.

Semi-Open Design

Indian kitchen

The kitchen adopts a semi-open design. Although it uses white cabinets, it still shows a strong style. The dark yellow floor and gorgeous ethnic carpets make the kitchen very stylish. A pot of silver willow on the window sill is full of life breath.

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