15 Best Organizing Tips For Office Organization and Getting More Done

It’s also a clever way to display artwork; you can easily swap in new frames or layer pieces that you love. Give your home office the gift of floating shelves, hanging baskets and pretty decor with a fun and functional DIY pegboard wall.

  • Feel free to display any items that make you feel happy and more creative.
  • To fix this sloppy look, mount acable organizerunder your desk to tuck, wrap and stow your cables.
  • You can also bring the outdoors inside by adding some indoor plants to oxygenate the air in your home.
  • They can be placed on a shelf or within a nearby cabinet.
  • You can even create your own custom wall decals to indicate different areas in the room.
  • If you haven’t used it in months and can’t think of when you’ll actually need it, out it goes.

Delineate Your DwellingYou’re about to spend a lot of time in your new home office, so it should be a place that you like walking into every day. Having a window will keep you in a healthy, productive headspace. Just as long as you don’t spend all day staring out of home office tips it. Now that you’ve streamlined your desktop, it’s a good idea to organize it. Put your papers in a “To File” folder and file everything once a week. Create a WOR folder – So much of our messy papers are things that are on hold until someone else responds or acts.

Keep It Clean & Tidy

A simple mailstation set-up is a great way to organize this home office clutter. Whether you are working from home because of COVID-19 or telecommuting for other reasons, organizing home office clutter and keeping things functional is key. With our five tips for arranging your home office, you can keep your space clean and navigable. Try a kitchen cart on caster wheels to toss loose paperwork and current projects.

  • Well, EasyClosets even has professional designers available to help you design a beautiful and functional closet, also for free.
  • These 10 simple tips will show you how to get started, and will guide you through the entire process.
  • Label each of the tabs on your folders so you can quickly find what you need.
  • Your bedroom is where you sleep, and your kitchen is where you eat, but your home office may be the nerve center of your entire house.

Likewise, working from home is even more engaging when you have multiple desk spaces to choose from. If you and your partner or roommate are both working from home at the moment, consider creating your own at-home hot desks.

Home Office Organization Ideas for a Productive Space

Adding chalkboard labels onto all the storage containers around your office might seem like a simple idea, but it’s a total game-changer! It doesn’t just make everything look a lot tidier, but it also helps you maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout your entire storage situation. The easiest way to maximize storage space around your home office? Add storage baskets to your shelves to organize the larger items that you can’t really seem to find a home for.

home office organizing tips

Use magazine files to keep reference material organized by topic and easy to find. My husband is an avid reader and a bookkeeper so not only books but also school papers, office, and school supplies needed a home. Find your sweet spot– Think of your desk as the spot you’ll spend most of your time when in the office. Try to seat in a “commanding position”, one in which you see who is coming in. Chances are, there is stuff sitting around your office that doesn’t belong there.

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We’re also sharing the best Avery labels and office supplies for getting organized. Plus, we’ll show you how to use our free tools to make any office organization project a success.

  • If you need to hold on to something for your records that’s totally fine, but store it and get it out of sight.
  • White tape creates the boxes, and dates can be written in erasable ink or pinned with sticky notes.
  • Archive files – When a project is complete, put all of the materials together and file them away.
  • Slide decorative storage baskets into cubbies to hide items small or items that would otherwise look disheveled.
  • These products will have your home office organized in no time, so you can work on getting your closets, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms de-cluttered, too.
  • With any luck, this motivation will spread to more than just work.
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