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ThemeINDIA brings to you a one-stop solution for all your interior décor needs and renovations.

Our Domains of Expertise

Residential interior living room

Residential interior project

18+ Projects

State of the art interior designs to renovate your residence from tiny private homes to big apartment blocks.

commercial interior living room

Commercial interior project

2+ Projects

Make a strong first impression before your visitors and stay long in their minds with our beautiful range of commercial interior designs.

hotel room  interior

Hospitality interior project

3+ Projects

Let your visitors say just those amazing adjectives for you to praise your hospitality and offer them serenity and peace.

ThemeINDIA is an independent interior decoration company located in Kolkata. The workers are responsible for false ceiling design, flooring, paint & polishing, electrical and plumbing, etc. They are highly skilled with a minimum of 9-10 years of experience. Thus it helps you in getting the exact decor you need. We provide you with the best options available to choose from our design service and materials where we create the layouts and 3d designs to be executed. And we mostly prefer to design the whole site and execute it equally. Hence the biggest advantage is that all you require is to choose the designs and the rest will be executed by us. So we can say we work on every keyword related to Kolkata interior decoration.

Being an interior designing company in Kolkata, we provide both interior and exterior designing services for homes, offices, showrooms, restaurants & cafes, hotels, gyms, and salons. Our interior designers and architects create your dream home, be it an apartment or a bungalow. Not only do they make excellent utilization of space for the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, gallery and terrace gardens, they will also provide you with the ideal colour combinations, lighting, furniture, and home decor accessories according to Vaastu as well as the latest trends.

We also provide innovative designs for offices and showrooms that create a very productive work environment. Our interior decorators have also made outstanding ambiances for cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

false ceiling kolkata

False Ceiling

Make your false ceiling look beautiful with our amazing designs and ideas for both, the residential space as well as the commercial space. Our false ceilings are designed to add elegance and stun to the ambiance with beauty and lights!

wardrobe kolkata


Dress beautiful before a beautiful space. We know it’s not easy for you to find a great design for your closet and thus we got the best ones for you. Theme India brings some of the modern and classy design ideas for your closet.

kitchen in kolkata

Modular Kitchen

With a proper mechanism of the plan via blueprints and designs, Theme India looks forward to offering you a kitchen that is more than just a place to cook and eat. Choose the best one for yourself from our thousands of trendy and modular kitchen ideas.

wall paint in kKolkata

Wall Paint

Colors are important! Make sure you choose them wisely. We can help you choose colors for your walls and paint them with our expertise and skilled workforce. We aim to make the process of painting your walls safe and a great experience for you!

sofa Kolkata


Because most of the things we do are to bring us comfort, why not do the same for your next sofa? It is a major investment and the one you may live with for decades! Choose it wisely. Theme India helps you get a couch that looks good and feels great.

TV panel Kolkata

TV Panel

Adding that last bit to your living room is what this piece of interior décor can do for you. With extra space for the equipment with your TV and adding the final touch to the décor, let us help you with the designs of the TV panels that can keep up your vibes!

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